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You like to listen to podcasts. The first cut is the first step for top shelf. Golf analysis the sock about some wide receivers. Now jamie gives her top wide receiver priorities. Curtis samuel would be one is based on the opportunity to get some carries with. Mccaffrey potentially out and build off what he did last week. I wish it was. Dj more getting these targets but season high in targets catches receiving yards and caught a touchdown for the second week in a row and facing a tough match-up against tampa bay but you're looking long-term again depending on how mccaffrey's is out as well as what his role could be in the passing game jakobi meyers would be second for me. Is looking at what the setup is for him. hopeful that What we saw against the jets is something that they could build off. But like i said earlier he's gotta worry about the return of the keel. Harry the return of doing that'll men and tough match-up against baltimore this week. And the nominee put allen lazard third. He is not very available at sixty two percent with his rosser presented but Seventeen plus p. pr points in two of the three games that he played in with the way. Aaron rodgers playing right now about eighty to have one of his top. Guys samuel myers. Lazard curtis samuel. That is. i'm sure. Deebo samuel will be up there as well dave. Any other names you wanna add. Tim patrick patrick is third for me. I've got myers one samuel two patrick three. And it's more so for the p. P. r. factor for myers. It's the same reason. Why jamie mckissic. Better than gaughman. Because the catches should be there. And i'm not worried about nicole harry coming back and suddenly ruining jakobi meyers. I think myers has to be a part of the patriots game. Plan moving forward just because of how he's connected with cam newton. They'd be foolish to take that away. But patrick isn't the number one receiver in denver anymore. It has happened. Jerry jeudy is that guy the double digits. The past two weeks. Kind of prove that. But what i am hoping for. Is that patrick. Knocked the rust off last week and he still scored in that game and then he can step up moving forward. Get more targets than he did last week. This denver offense drew lock is a perfect passer by any stretch. But he's attempting over forty best game. I'd like to see that. Continue and jamie already told you you could see it by watching the game as well. They are not very good at running the football with running backs so they're going to throw it a lot and patrick should end up being that second. Best target for them. So i'm excited about him. Even if he's just a bench guy that i could use in place of a receiver. Who's on by later on this year or gets hurt later on. I think he can fit that bill. They're using a lot of guys. I mean cage. A hamblur had double digit in targets last week noah fant is clearly going to have a role so it's all a matter of is drew. Lock still throwing the ball forty times. It's been three games in a row with forty plus attempts. And that's the nice thing for all of these receiving options because their defense is struggling the run game struggling and they're putting a lot on lock which they should because this isn't a playoff team so see what you're young quarterback can do and feature some of these receiving option. So patrick had two touchdown or one hundred yards receiving and four of his last five games. The one game where he failed to do that. It was the game. He got hurting three weeks ago. Now so We'll see we'll see what he What he does as the second guy but he's certainly somebody like jimmy. I'm wondering if you wanted to put john brown ahead of these guys that you. I don't think well i don't think you set him though..

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