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What is Kentucky on a Saturday morning, by the way, going to be breezy today victim, the had the folks had not to the to breast cancer walk? That's taking place at shawnee park. Starting at eight o'clock are folks from ninety three one the beat FM are down there stopped a hat, man. Mr. twelve f c we'll be down there as well. Stop by and say Hello to him as well. As all the media folks on rolling out of here. Four thirty this morning. Big old caravan rolling out a lot of people going down there for that should be a great event again that starts here in about twenty six minutes time, maybe twenty five minutes time down at shawnee park right caused great to see them out there for that. It is Kentucky Saturday morning news. Big doings. We got of course, Kentucky hosting Vanderbilt. That would be homecoming in Lexington. Our coverage will start at five thirty Matt Jones. We'll take your calls after the game and fellow western there. Billy Rutledge hanging out in the control, Billy. Western trying to snap that two-game skid host and Old Dominion today. Yeah. Usually if maybe Jeff BrahMos the coach I'd feel a little bit more confident. But the season, I don't know. I I'm glad you said that because I talked to Ohio State buddy of mine in the real nervous about this game. With Purdue tonight. Oh, I'm excited. Probably the big one of the bigger games of the week. I think you're right. And there's a reason why FOX that in primetime because right now the right in March with pitchforks and torches in Columbus on that defensive linebacking core at Ohio State, and if you look at Jeff, and, you know, being a western guy what he can do authencity to you across the middle slammed passes, etc. News offense is off the charts with Brom, but I'll give you this question. Scott is it better or worse as you evolve fan for Brom to win or lose? No. I did it. I guess what? Do you want? No. You did a win and be name. That's right. You want him to lose? And then continue to be kind of an odd name in the seasons. I know and who knows what what the future holds for university of football. I'm about is up in the air because if you ask Paul Rogers, he's gonna look at you with a blank stare because I think he feels the same way. I mean, you just don't know. And as we broke down, and we took a look I follow college football recruiting almost religiously, and we looked at we took a look at your bells recruiting over the last four or five years, and it's not been the greatest a lot of three stars in that crowd. Now, some we'll tell you there's talented Luevano denying. There's not talent. There's just not talent to get you to where you want to be right now, and that's showing on the field. So we'll see. But that game tonight. I'm gonna settle them. We're going to Huber's today. I'm going to settle in for Ohio State Purdue because I think Jeff. Brom may have a thing or two. You'll see some memories of what you saw there at at western Kentucky it west Lafayette tonight. But but you hilltop for basketball team. No, that's different story brother preseason favorites. Completely different stories again with the basketball team last yesterday. They landed big recruit. I mean, they've got big it's going on. And it's going down down there for your your hilltops. We'll see if they can come away with that conference USA crop. They've got to be excited down there. Oh, by the way, the line for the Purdue game. It's state by twelve so it's gone down. Yeah. It's going down by a point which I wonder a lot of people said they'd be taken Purdue because I tell you this. I won't say his name on the air because I don't want to call them out the my Ohio State buddy who's Ohio State through and through. Actually, it was going to go out and place. A bet in bed on Perdue. He's gonna take the points. So that way if Ohio State does, you know, give it up, then at least you win some money, and they don't he's happy because Ohio State one. There are some interesting things going on inside Columbus right now. As we know with urban Meyer. Once he starts to wobble little bit that wobble starts to become greater greater and they've got to get this thing under control up there. Because the Columbus media is even calling out urban Meyer. Greg's Yano the whole entire crew up there on the defensive side of the ball in Columbus going. We see this. Why don't you because they got a lacklustre start against Minnesota? So Jeff Broncos update you believe he's watched that Minnesota game over and over and over. So we'll see what he can do and he wasn't gonna play tonight, but the Bosa brother to leave Ohio State to go to the NFL draft. So exactly, and and you know, as we've seen with teams that tend to have a stranglehold and we've seen this with dynasties. We'll see it with Alabama in time. I don't know. Exactly what. Because right now, they look all world. But you do start to see the chinks in the armor and then things start on route. As I told my buddy. When I started watching Michigan go south. This was during Lloyd cars long long time ago. I told arrested Michigan's got issues in they're gonna go dormant for a while. And even Bob delvonn who across the hall dime. When I tell them, I said, Michigan's and shifts. What do you mean earned shambles ill, two losses? Bobby? I can read between the lines and people in Columbus. There's there's two camps and Columbus right now that is were undefeated. And there's the other camp that goes, no, we got issues and tonight tonight is a big game for Ohio State. A lot of people. Don't see that my buddy. Does he knows it? He gets it. But tonight is a huge game for Ohio State. So if you're Jeff Brown fan, and you want to see the Brown brothers and action. What does it seven thirty? I believe on FOX is where it's at tonight. That is correct. Seven thirty. Nice. All right. I'll be in front of it. That's for sure I'm gonna go. Grab me a couple of bottles of Starlight white and settling in front of the tube. Tonight. Should be a great day for college football around. Of course, if your cat fan and you're heading off tonight bundle up because it's going to be called out there. This is the weirdest thing when you look at Kentucky football. And that is when you look at the stats Kentucky can be tied with Georgia for first place in the SEC east this year seventeenth ranked in the country tie for first place in and Georgia is a team that showed they have chinks in the armor as well. Because I thought Kirby smart, I mean when it comes to college football recruiting Kirby's stranglehold right now. He's right up there with Alabama Georgia is the new hotbed for recruiting. So we'll see what happens there. And of course, Auburn fell. I think Gus malzahn is kind of cartoon character. Anyway, I knew he was gonna self destruct before time just got a big extension. I did I I don't know why how Auburn can't get out of its own way. But that guy goes way out of his way to just be Gus malzahn. All right. Thus more. So we'll get to that here in a little bit. Let's get to more important things. That would be your weather here at News Radio eight forty W H A S,.

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