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And I always thought that you did, Tom I just don't know why Mr Announcer guy feels as though that we have to separate ourselves by still aside, Tom and ride. Larry wants to hear some a C D. C. Can I listen to a C D? C? What do we have to leave? Why do we have Get out of my sandbox wants to hear some Motorhead. Yeah, Guys, get out. You heard the man beat it. Ah, Hey, This is kind of a weird Niner Giants game coming up this weekend and that we don't know who's going to really Get the ball for either team in this game because it's like All the guys that they normally would go to Sterling Shepherd say. Quan Barclay, Tevin Coleman, Raheem Mostert, George Kid old DeBose. All these guys aren't going Mom's gonna guess that Jordan Reed Brendan, I yuk. Trent Taylor. Dante Pettis. I'm kidding about the Dante Pettis Park for the first three guys. I mean, I feel pretty confident that there is going to have balls thrown in their general direction, running back wise. Who do you guys think it's the carries Because they don't help. They'll have one. Jeff Wilson Jr. Who's really good on the goal line. They'll have McKinnon, who You know, there's a better receiver than runner and they may I guess. Call up Michael Hasty. They signed Austin Walter to the practice squad today. Anything you can tell them. Tell the Jets. McKinnon's a better receiver than runner. Yeah, exactly. Busted one of it for about 80 yards on three or four. Care. Think I tore them up? But he is not a guy You want to give the ball I Wilson seems like a guy that could handle a lot of carries a pretty big guy. Ah, but that's a great question. I'm just amazed me. To be honest, I think I love tasty at Baylor. You guys watch Baylor ball last year. This guy was incredible. I mean, how much to the offenses? He no. I mean, Is he comfortable with it? It's just getting He went to camp with him, so he should know. Yeah, I mean that that kind of stuff. I don't know. I don't know, does it? I mean, how does it affect their game plan? Do they want to throw the ball a bit more like little short passes? Move the ball that As a great question. I mean, if you're missing one, then that's okay. But missing too, with most of an Coleman Right. And then McCain and again. It's not a guy you want to give the ball to 15 20.

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