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In again. Those bullets net all. Those kids getting beat. In woolworth's counter we stood hand by hand and in back them and supported them. We can't forget where we come from exactly a history that's on the field. People don't even know about you know the black barracks. Colored solid that was on the based on the football field we have that history is air. Ride. Shots snack. Fast for come on exactly know bothma. Michelle Obama era. gracing art campus because they understand the value of the soil. In every burn. Not Around Yeah, oh come. On. The Blue Goal, you know come on when the aggies come home, they come home. Come home and that's why the the The thing for my coronation was coming home with class. Not only did they come home from from the students on common but is from everybody that graduated just come on home. Just. Come. You know. Girl you've got me. Have you do find something as so difficult to define Exactly a dominant rough, he don't see ant you. rubbed. TOUCH EXPERIENCE BEING THERE S. Value the. Exactly. Exactly. As Aki Fried. Yes ma'am I love the L. Eleven. So let's talk about. You know your time as Queen, what was your biggest your biggest accomplish and your favorite part Stay tune forward for my sponsors. This is mostly and I'm here to talk to you about anchor..

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