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Next up, Alright. No hitters. We had one last night, the most unlikely first major league start. And he tied Bobo Holloman, which I love saying that name but we almost had Taiwan. Walker had a no hitter into the six against the Dodgers. We had Matt Moore, which I still cannot believe. But you did see it. Live six. No hit against the Reds, which I can't believe. But What's up with all these? No hitters? So he was, uh so that was really cool that you had that kind of confluence of events yesterday with three guys that you never would have thought, you know, would have been able to have done something like that. Um, this guy was a guy didn't he Didn't even reach the majors till age 27 is, um, it's hard to I don't want to say it's hard to be lower than a minor league rule five draft pick, But if you're a minor league rule five draft pick your generally not coming to the major leagues and the reason he's in the major leagues. Because he's a diamondback like if he was on any sort of a contending team. He'd been triple A and he would never sniffed a roster. So I thought that was really cool. And this goes back and I think I've said it to you before a few times must grow 4 40 40 r 82 years ago Rodent Hurt two years 55 70 E R a Previous tears. Corey Clubber hurt John means 4.5 B. I lived here, Spencer Turnbull. 462. Years ago we had my only 56 e r A in 2000 and 17, Craig Kimbrel 60 or 19 84,020. You can always bounced back from your worst day. I think that's the lesson of the 2021. No hitters. Plus, he got traded for garlic. How about that? That's the ultimate. He was traded for garlic. Kyle Garlic, Of course. Yeah. Um, The Mets are coming. And in our last minute here, Ah, what should we expect? They don't seem to hit very much. I've watched a few of their games, but they're coming in with Stroman and Hill and McGill and the rest of the med team. Yeah. So I think the thing is that you don't know what to expect. I think the guy who has been consistent lately in particular hitting the ball hard has been Peter Alonso. He's been crashing it. Conforto has been called the whole year but has hit well in the last week. They have eked out these two kind of really tough losses to Dodgers the last two days. It definitely hurt them. Stroman has pitched well but doesn't get any run support. Thailand, McGill is like their biggest surprise. Um, He has been a total unexpected this year and he right now, if they win the division make the postseason. He's probably starting a playoff game at the rate that they're going right now. Um, well, the Mets are coming in. It's going to be interesting to see if they don't hit much, But it's still the Mets and they have a lot of lot of the names. Market pleasure having beyond and look forward to next week. It's a zoo and giants next week. And this is the Mets are in the middle of that giant Dodger run as well. So it's good time for baseball. Appreciate it. You got it. All right. That is Mark Simon. Sports info Solutions at Marcus. Simon says on Twitter more coming up. I've got the, uh well, Actually, Kerry has to talk back today. Bill is going to talk to Adam and we'll be back with you next Saturday for our pregame I'm more coming up. KNBR 6 81 Oh 45, the sports leader. Alameda.

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