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House is saying New York City is a high risk area right now in New York people are dying from Kobe nineteen the country's hot zone the infection rate doubling every three days one of the forecasters said to me we were looking at a freight train coming across the country we're now looking at a bullet train all frustrated governor Andrew Cuomo predicting the virus's peak in New York will be faster and higher than expected one hundred forty thousand hospital beds and thirty thousand ventilators needed now A. B. C.'s Tom yamas vice president Mike pence says the White House corps the coronavirus task force the White House is focused on the Big Apple and it is advising anyone who's traveled outside of the city in the past few days to self isolate for fourteen days now the latest traffic and weather together right now no new reports to no reports of any accidents but if you do spot one call for two one news now the movie is forecast from the advanced dentistry weather center during this challenging time advanced dentistry would like to say thank you to all the health care workers and folks on the front lines out there you are appreciated three hours ending by morning a morning low of forty three degrees now for our Wednesday clouds early and it looks like partly to mostly sunny skies later a high sixty three clear skies and a low of forty six from your severe weather station on nine first warning chief meteorologist Steve Raleigh news radio seven hundred WLW radio right now showing rain across the tri state a little more scattered than it was originally widespread in the last few hours but we are seeing some heavier rainfall in southeast Indiana and portions of Franklin County blooming Grove laurel brook Phil even in the Oldenburg down to Batesville in Dearborn county or seen some of the heavier rainfall right now our current temperature is forty four degrees we clearly do not have enough capacity as it exists today that should should surprise anyone but we are allergies Dr acting said looking for other facilities our first preference.

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