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Your free estimate today. 10 10 President Biden says he's rebuilding and resetting America's relationships around the world. In his first foreign policy address delivered at the State Department today, the president says America is back and credits the rank and file it state for making that happen. President Biden says he plans to partner with our allies on pressing matters such as the pandemic global warming threats to democracy and human rights. He saved his toughest words for Russia days of the United States rolling over. In the face of Russia's aggressive actions interfering with our elections. Cyberattacks poison Its citizens are over police crackdown on demonstrators in Moscow and elsewhere in Russia this week after a court in the capital sentenced opposition leader Alexei Navalny to 3.5 years in prison. Disenchantment over inequality was targeted by Navalny in a YouTube video release shortly after his detention, it has been seen more than 106 million times and counting, which showcased Vladimir Putin. $1.3 billion Palace complex in southern Russia. No valley accuses Putin's forces of poisoning him with the nerve agent Nova chalk. In August, he was taken to Germany, where doctors are credited with saving his life. Tonight We speak with international journalist Dana Lewis, host of the podcast backstory with Dana Lewis. He's served his Moscow correspondent for NBC News and Moscow bureau chief for Fox News. The first question are these protests different from previous demonstrations in Russia, Dimitry I don't think we've met Ever seen anything like that? Certainly not the breads of them in 11 time zones in every single city. You can imagine. It's very cold. I mean, minus 60 Celsius, and I think that what has changed and I thought a lot about this because I've been covering Russia for a long time. These protests are really against President Putin and up until now, there's been, You know, a lot of dissatisfaction in Russia about the economy and About pension payments and about different issues. But these are targeting the president himself. And after 20 years, you know Putin in general has always deferred a lot of this in blamed of the people. But in the case of this corruption, video and Alexei Navalny, he owns it and people are blaming him directly. Most of these protests have been pretty peaceful to begin with. And then after the sentencing of Alexei Navalny this week, I mean, I would say that the tactics of the police were suffocating the numbers of police on the street. I mean, I've never seen that many people in Moscow that many police Oman as they're called on the streets. Chasing down anybody that they saw. That may have been a protester. How much of a threat are these protests to Vladimir Putin? You say they're all about him this time. I mean, he is, I think plunging and popularity now. There have been some polls, especially with youth. And Putin is not the 80% man that he was years ago. You know, he may be down in 20% and 30% with some of the people. There is a growing anger, and I think that this trial was extremely important. I mean, this was a kangaroo court. But it was a show trial when the Valley was put on trial this week, and he called Putin out. I mean, it's never happened before. This is how it worked. They send one to J. Failed to intimidate million's, he said. On the Nova char chemical attack, he said, using the FSB, the federal security Service, Putin attempted to commit murder. I'm not the only one Many know this already and many others will, and this is what is driving the thieving little man in the bunker. Crazy that's unprecedented in Russia for that to be directed towards President Putin. It's incredible, brave thing for Navalny to say. Unfortunately, I don't think he's ever going to get out of prison for a very, very long time, because now they're bringing more fraud charges against him. So in addition to the 2.5 years, this preposterous, you know, charged that they've given him for violating his probation when he was in a coma in Germany. Now they're bringing on the fraud charges against him, and he Kikkan face another 10 years. Another 15 years. International journalist Dana Lewis, He's host of the podcast backstory with Dana Lewis on Skype. Still ahead on w T o p. Some Internet trouble with one school system stay with us saving money can seem daunting. So most.

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