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The globe the bbc world service's here at wnyc a am and fm new york htc this initiative crowdscience has it all aliens the origins of existence and a salad dressing robots and obamas' listeners ostos can life exist without carbon it's commonly accepted that we and all other organisms on earth allcarbon based but what's actually mean we meet the scientists trying to recreate the origins of life on us all this hype intimate noncarbon life in the lab and yet more who hunting alien life that's coming up on crowdscience with me mony chesterton bbc news were jerry semate german media are reporting that members of the social democrat party have voted in favour of joining a grand coalition government for the christian democrats of chancellor angela merkel if confirmed the move will end months of political deadlock following elections in september though ting is underway in italy's general election prime minister paulo gentlemen his centreleft coalition is facing a strong challenge both from the populists fivestar movement and from a rightwing coalition which says it would deport illegal immigrants a highlevel south korean delegation led by the country's spy chief will travel to the north on monday for talks they'll travelled soon afterwards to washington as south korea's seeks to broker a meeting between pyongyang and the united states the syrian observatory for human rights says president assad's forces have recaptured a tenth of the rebelheld enclave of eastern goo tap a russian plan for a daily pause in the government has sold has done nothing to improve the humanitarian situation police in bangladesh are investigating a young man who stabbed an academic in sylhet on saturday the victim zalfa echo is a popular fiction writer and professor who spoken out in support of secularism and free speech president trump has certain to place tariffs on cars imported from the eu in addition to steel and aluminium that some of his own advisers are urging caution on the issue china has said it would take necessary measures if the us harmed its economic contrasts the organization of american states has called on venezuela to say what's happened to a former opposition congressman who's disappeared from the prison where he was being held at in switzerland people are voting today on whether to get rid of the compulsory licence fee for the public broadcaster it runs television channels and radio.

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