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He is our presenting sponsor of our guests this week. Jay williamson. The reason I started off with the PGA championship because the morning of the final round they weren't letting media out onto the range. And I don't know what happened finally at the end some guy was really protesting, and then security goes, okay, fine. Because it was their only like the final four groups are out there. And so I was like oh sweet. I'm going to go out there. And at that point the final four groups. I mean, it was star studded, and I wind up standing next to Al MacInnis, and it's just me and Al members well there, and we're just be asking about golfing, obviously, he's super into it too. And we're talking and I. I mean, it's just totally golf nerd conversation. I you know, I just had I played with I played golf with Marcus Allen the day before love et guys really name. And I said I'm curious especially with having one of the most signature shots in the history of the NHL, especially with the speed that he could strike the puck. I said, do you think if you had grown up in only focused on golf as opposed to hockey that you could have done this because I said, I had Marcus Allen and Marcus Allen sitting where you were Jay. And I said, do you think if you would've not focused on football, and he played a lot of baseball two, and you folks golf as a young man, if you could have played golf and Marcus thought that he could have al-said he goes, I don't think so I think these guys were to another level Marcus is a hell of an athlete, and so maybe he could have he goes. But I don't think I could take my skill set that I had grown up in Canada. And then just automatically if I would have focused on golf in golfer, which then leads me to you and your ability and. Whether or not you think people can learn the game, or if it's just their certain gifts, genetically that people have that make them excel like some of these guys right now that we see bombing at great grandmother different equipment than what we were seeing even twenty years ago. But that's what I'm curious about when guys start out or they just kind of like a guy can throw ninety five miles an hour, or he can't or something that somebody who's an athlete can find tune get to that level. You know, it's a really good question. And I and I want what I want to say is that you don't have to be born to be a champion golfer. I want to say that. But the way the game has trended, and the fact that in my opinion, those that govern the game. I don't want to mention any names. I think they've lost about leadership. You don't players leadership. I think I think I think the the golf ball has exploded. I think the golf ball more than anything has changed the game. And I think. That those that have watched the game haven't necessarily reacted quick enough. You know, they tried to out long outlawed the long putter. I I understand why they did that I think that was more optics because they didn't want it on TV in the Olympics. But I I in my opinion that isn't what has changed the game. Now is it a bad oct- optic to watch guy? Putt with a long putter. Yeah. Probably it's not the most athletic thing. But that isn't what has changed the game. What has changed the game? Is that better athletes are actually playing it now versus fifteen twenty years ago and a lot of that was because Tiger Woods. But also the darn golf ball goes so far that a lot of the quick are real they become obsolete. And so, you know, you've had to go back in and change them dramatically. Adnew tease. You do a lot of things we're in reality. What needs to be done is the fairways need to be as wide as that water, you know, s escort parked out. How that changes how that changes the game when you actually have to be more accurate versus how long you can actually hit the golf ball. So you know, I think that the golf ball in. And it's I think it's almost too late today. You know, the only way that something's going to happen is if the guys show up at Augusta National and when they register their handed a ball, and that's the ball that they can use. And that's the only way that this is the the the golf ball is going to be regulated. Because I don't think that you can go in today and say all right now, we, you know, we we're going to take the ball back to where it was you know, ten years ago. Right. So that's a long winded answer to basically say that the game has changed so much in the last ten years since actually about when I stopped playing on the regular tour that now it's definitely just the power game in. It's how far you can actually move it out there. It doesn't really matter. How straight you hit it. And that was on full display at the Ryder Cup last year. Speaking of that again in Paris, whether Europeans figured out how to hit the ball in the fairway and the Americans didn't. Yeah. And there was some question were you questioning that at all just going into it? I'm curious on that that the the team selection, and I realize these are the best players, and then you had some captain's picks that it wasn't necessarily ideal for the American team considering that course, and then who the American roster was made up of as far as accuracy off the tee, and it could leave them vulnerable as we saw play out. So it wasn't necessarily a second. Guess people. Are wondering that going on armchair quarterback? I didn't give it much thought before. Because I quite honestly, I had never been to. That course in person. I didn't realize the makeup of it. But I would I would say that it's a lot easier to make that statement afterwards than it was before. But there's no question that that when

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