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I'm Mary course. Eddie Fox News President Biden vows action on stopping gun violence as he remembers afford a tragedy three years ago, the president said his White House quote won't wait for the next mass shooting to address gun violence. The declaration coming three years to the day after 14 students and three staff members that Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida were killed by a lone gunman. The president paid tribute to the 17 victims and their families. I've been called on Congress to craft gun reform measures to include background checks on all gun sales, banning multi round magazines and lifting immunity for gun makers that ad toe weapons on the streets. Grenouille Scott Fox News, Biden is spending his first weekend as president at Camp David, the historic retreat for US leaders. It's been used by every president since Franklin Roosevelt first went there in 1943. It's been the site of major diplomatic negotiations and policy discussions throughout history. Meanwhile, U S Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Texas reportedly misunderstood instructions from the Biden administration, and we're about to release three men convicted of sex offenses against Children. Fox's confirms ice officials in Texas nearly released three men convicted of sex offenses against Children their old definitely not released after discussions between ice in state and local officials, But the dangerous situation arose from an apparent miss application of President Biden's January 20th memorandum on immigration, rescinding some of the previous of Ministrations practices on deportations and detainers, which seek to keep convicted migrants in custody after their sentence. Fox's Griff Jenkins says the Department of Homeland Security has issued a memo directing immigration agencies to focus their enforcement efforts on three categories. Threats to national security threats to public safety and immigrants who entered the U. S illegally on or after November. 1st America is listening to Fox News. From the Fox News Podcasts network. Getting schooled with Tammy Horny said. I just think they looked at the list of the companies that were most heavily shorted and decided to go for those. It's so interesting that this all happened because of a Reddit forum. Also, it just shows the power of the Internet. Nowadays, you know, it's interesting to look at both sides of the story to. Obviously the red eaters really benefited off of this, But the hedge funds not so much subscribe and listen now by going to a fox news podcast dot com. From the Fox News Podcasts network is it's the Fox News rundown. Start your day With a contrast of perspectives. You won't hear anywhere else. A daily Morning podcast going far beyond the headlines tapping into the massive reporting resource is of Fox News to provide a full picture of the news of the day. I'm Dana Pary. No, I'm red Bear. I'm Jessica Tarlov. I'm Chris Wallace. And this is the Fox News. Run down, Listen and subscribe now by going the fox news podcasts dot com. 21 year old Brooklyn man has been arrested in.

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