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Right so that is crazy stuff. I don't know how he's going through it all and honestly. I don't know how he's doing it with a smile great perspective. I'm sure the whole experience would be a lot more tolerable if he was coming off a win. But man i have so much respect for Dan hooker and The way he's doing this. I mean it's it's pretty admirable is sticking about being you know locked away from my kids and being able to see them but not hugging them. I mean that has to be incredibly tough. Plus his internet connection over there is really bad. I mean you can't even you can't even play video games over there. Do you pass the time. I have no idea anyway charlotte. Dan hooker looking forward to his return. And i love his perspective on his career and his record. All that stuff if you want to listen to the entire interview go check out the espn youtube page. dot com. We got everything over there. Uncut unedited that's where you need to be if you wanna watch these interviews. Speaking of espn amaze youtube channel. My full interview with sage north cut is up right now like i said at the top. He's returning to action for the first time in almost two years on april. Twenty eight one on tnt four. that's what they're calling. These events is going to be four of them on april seventh fourteenth. Twenty first twenty. He's a part of the final one against the japanese anime. Legend himself. xinjiang okay. It's taking place at one hundred. Seventy pounds haven't seen sage since his brutal vicious knockout loss to cosmo alexandre back in may of two thousand nineteen of first knockout loss. Lost twenty nine seconds suffered eight facial fractures. I mean the pictures afterwards of him in the hospital. Where absolutely gruesome. What a nice guy. What a lovely young many still. Just twenty four. It's amazing feels like he's been around for a long time but still just twenty four years old. I don't think you rent the car yet anyway. I spoke to him a little bit about his time in the ufc and also dana white comments after that loss where he said. We're dana. white. Said that sage should retire should retire to one knockout loss and was curious What's h thought of that especially considering their once close relationship. Here's a snippet of that conversation when you first signed with you have cr. You're really big deal to them. Dana white was very invested in your story because you came from the contender series when he said after the fight that he thought that you should retire and gave you props and said he really liked you but just didn't think this sport was for you. How did that make you feel. Well i mean that was only one fight so i mean you gotta look the last fights before that i was on. It was a three fight win. Drink a three or four or five win streak. That i got way class. I knocked out by my very last opponent. Ufc along the last two or three weeks before that so i was on a win streak and it was just. It was just one fight. It has happened to be one fight in injury that showed up from everyone. Injury sometimes so For me. I didn't listen to that. Because obviously i'm no longer fine with you have see so a Whatever they want. A mr watkins say something allocation. They should fight again. But that's not the case. I mean it was one flight. It isn't it crazy. I mean you're twenty four now back then were you twenty two or twenty three at that point in may have you know might have been twenty two. Yeah okay so twenty. Two twenty career people already you off after one knockout loss. It's a little breezy. Right i mean the the the willingness to just jump off of someone's bandwagon to your point. You're on a winning streak. I do are you the type that ain't eating a lot of stuff like did you let that get you. Are you able to block it out. No no. I'm actually really good at blocking that kind of stuff out but i do. Sometimes i'll read stuff here there. Here's something i'm like okay. Yeah i says people have good advice to say something. You're like as you make sense one last week or it was one fight. You could say that about anybody like literally. You watch auto fight conor mcgregor and it gets knocked down five seconds literally. I was the fighting that fight. You could be like. Oh jose were the best of all the time he retired. Never ever fight again or you said about t- dillashaw or i mean all these people like the the best in the world have been beat sometimes their life even beat super-quick and like it doesn't matter if the best in the world or whatever me being younger i had so much room to even get better so for me. It didn't make sense. Someone's it's amazing. You know a as. I was thinking about speaking to for the first time in a while. Your story was so much fun to cover when you came onto the scene in the afc and it's amazing to me that it was six years ago. Twenty fifteen sage. I mean holy smoke. And you're still only twenty four. It's unbelievable how young you were when you came in there when you think back on that time when you took everyone by storm and you were. You're such a big draw. And they were pushing you so hard. What's the difference in your mind between the sage that i'm talking to today in the one from six years ago the only difference right now. Is that my last fight. Didn't goes plan so that's a name but you know that's the past that was. That was my last fight. Now it's onto the next fight so Designed difference if anything. I'm gonna be the better in more and Can go out there better. It's like a sound like a more dot hill one loss and by the way it was implying that i thought maybe a little wiser. I've matured.

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