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For lunch with the oracle of Omaha I'm Jeff claymore It's 1248 Brady Kessler and the traffic center updating the situation in Virginia on southbound 95 First a little bit of a delay in newington trying to head into lorton watch for any work crews set up there Then you're going to find the delay southbound in Dale City or after the Dale boulevard exit solid headed all the way into Quantico The good news is that earlier crash is cleared all the travel lanes are open nothing even left to look at there So hopefully that will begin to ease But then northbound 95 slows from route one in Pennsylvania had a pass route three in Fredericksburg Then again near the center port Parkway after that it looks good through dumfries and woodbridge crossing the akkan into Springfield eastbound 66 delays from one 23 passing nutly street This is a work zone in the left lane westbound after one 23 the work in the right lane And northbound on the George Washington Parkway This work that is near the scenic overlook You were staying left to get by In Maryland on the Baltimore Washington Parkway delay southbound from powder mill road into green belt This was due to a mowing crew in the left lane Northbound slows out of greenbelt off and on making your way to powder mill road but the lane should be open Eastbound span of the bay bridge right lane of two blocked with the work westbound is running two way traffic and in the district thanks to callers for letting us know of the work on southbound D.C. two 95 trying to head toward benning road It is a single left lane getting you by your southbound delays begin before eastern avenue trying to head past the scene Protect your home from the invisible destroyer termites call home paramount pest control for a free inspection 8 8 8 8 8 8 home or home paramount dot com I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic Before cast now for Mike Could it be a fairly nice afternoon across the region we will see a mixture of cloud cover and sunshine high pressure in the upper 60s across the northeastern suburbs to submit 70s.

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