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Ingrid bergman had been in a few films in her native sweden bergman herself was often confused during the production she was a little bit uncertain as to you know who wish her true love was it really rick blaine or was it was a paul hendrie its character was it victor laszlo her husband in the film i have you so much i hate this war so much the hungarianborn director michael critise he had a number of of of meetings with bergman throughout the production strategic together with producer halbie wallace wallison she wants to no one should ask samir schneede clarity in my critise is who is known for his difficulties with the english language his his response to her was don't very play it in between and in between she played it and that's actually what gave the the role of ills alone i think much of its its it's grace and beauty and also just in made it that much more compelling bitch e throughout the production i think was was not totally certain hoover true love really was she said late in life that she kissed humphrey bogart but she never knew him and throughout the production bogart would often retreat to his trailer in between takes in and would play chess with smoke i think there was little drinking it went on there as well but there was no real uh you know for all of the onscreen chemistry there was no real chemistry offscreen.

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