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That's a great. That's a great story advice. We just had students from university Lynchburg on last week and one of them brought them right onto the show and I said, what's your dream job and she said, I, want to go out and I wanNA treat gymnast and I don't WanNa work in a clinic I want to go from you know gymnastics group or or school program to program but that's probably three five years away and I probably need. So what would you say to someone? Who literally could draw could write down what their dream job would be but had that fear probably that you've tried something similar would you say to someone like that a student like that? The hardest part is making the dream. So you got the hardest part down. Really, and you don't have to know anything you. If you have the big picture down the details, you'll figure you don't have to know anything to start something. I feel like that's where a lot of us I don't know what I'm. GonNa do I have to Chill out you have the idea you have your passion start somewhere maybe find the youth group that nearby and just hang out with them. Build a relationship. That's what more do. You get a boom shock locker. And that's that's kind of what I was telling her I kept asking her I was like well, have you been around gymnast your whole life? Yes. Are you passionate about this? Yes. Do you think a DP dpt education is going to give you enough skills to be able to help people I'm not saying you'll never progress I'm not saying when you start as a PT graduate, you can't learn more but are is. Valuable and she was like well and I said then unity give me a reason why you shouldn't do this. Because I think a lot of times and tell me if this was in your life and then you came overcame it somehow sometimes, we feel myself included. Were waiting for the world or someone to give us permission. It's this. It's in your own head but you're like I can't wait for someone to pat me on the back and tell me that it's OK..

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