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Wishing you a happy Monday unhappy, Tuesday and happy Wednesday Thursday and Friday because they won't let me be here during the week to wish that some reason and the Christian with us here from our sister station, Chris Warren, let me check. Oh, yeah. It is. It's me before you go telling us where you're gonna be today. Okay. We have another guest I understand from another one of our sister station. So you've heard of Kevin and crazy. They work on the river. I don't think your name is crazy and their Kevin crazy are at the today is a Susan G Komen race for the cure, which is really a big deal in a lot of survivors. A lot of folks showing great support the river has a team out there. And we're happy to have crazy with us here. Crazy. Good morning. Oh, is that my name? Now. I thought I was trader well, Tracy. Yeah. Somebody turned it into crazy. I I don't know. I don't know. Who did I can't imagine. Hey, good morning. You're you're at the Empire State plaza. All right. I am. I'm actually inside. They have a bunch of vendors that up indoors all outside right now. But once you get that won't be a problem. Okay. You could actually still register wanna come down here. They have onsite registration if here and the race actually doesn't take off until nine forty five. Now the river has team we do it's myself and Kevin my co-host and our boss. Reggie mccaren. You mean, the fat cat? Randy is going to be in a two. I thought the fact that you sat around and gave orders he's going to be there. Yeah. But he's I think he's a little nervous. Why is that? He's going to make it. I know he's not wearing yoga pants is. He. You know, there are really truly a lot of October is breast cancer awareness month. And it's very important mammograms are extremely important. But this race for the cure in the what you can walk to the kids can participate, but a lot of survivors Tracy's, you probably know are going to be involved too. Yeah. Absolutely is going to be -vivor people running and walking paying tribute, you others who've had breast cancer, and I had to share because there's like this whole script or or the event, and I was looking through right before I got on the phone with you. And I mean, there's a ton of people here, but put in perspective like how events are it? The statistics say that these types of the best type of event raised more the nine hundred and thirty million dollars in research and then two billion in funding for the screening at education the treatment of disease, but the thing. Thing is that it's a ton of progress, but forty thousand women advant will die this year in the US hill. Really important going into so exciting to see how much participation, and I guess it's good to get it out awareness, mammograms, and all these things are extremely important preventive measures. Gosh. Because early detection is really key. I mean, I both my grandmother, and my mother they're ultimately, they're all the death camp for my grandmother was diagnosed very late. My mother had other cancers that stems from it. But he I don't think you about the breast cancer. And you know, early detection is key. What time you guys are gonna are? You gonna walk a run I'm actually walking. Okay. As I didn't want to reenter myself. But it was really important for me to be a part of it. And I hope some listeners will come and walk with the Kevin. And Randy are both running all of us. I believe are starting at the same time, which is nine forty five. There's a warm up at nine fifteen then and then the lineup at night, and then we actually start at nine forty five people, so go going your river, website and donate. Oh, absolutely absolutely donation is open. And even if people wanna pop down near I don't think it's too late to even participate. But if they miss the race, there's a lot of other ways that you can be a part of it here today because there's informational, and there's fundraising activities, and yeah, it's kind of had a special. It's very much a feeling of solidarity. It's a good thing. You're walking you may have to pick up. Randy at some point who. Well, the white guy says that they better go first they're going to run the over. Seconds. So that I could scoop you up. Joe Joe told me he'd come next year. If there was a sitting portion. Of the. You in a wagon..

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