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Don't think he was an agency offering plans from different insurance carriers no government or Medicare affiliation coverage and special rates not available in all counties are cases it is seven forty let's go to Roger brand he is in the steeple traffic center what's up the good news of for the service of what I wrote third sounds like forty four at the Merrimack River bridge Joe was he's found a little lane they had that earlier one was fined seventy reports a couple are women but just like that but that was the case other than that things are doing pretty well highways are pretty quiet right now I don't have too many incidents out there to be concerned about is that the case will solve auto well the most recent one was around seventy cave springs that they've moved to the right shoulders again I thought your way not blocking anything report's gonna be blocking your way though on a route thirteen are coming up toward a Baldwin road up past the casket here river past one fifty six looks like that's where the work zone is right around one fifty six is whether getting all of the delays there and again it gets pretty expensive want to get the set up by looks like double over north of forty fourth not too bad yet they're working maybe looks like closer to the Manchester highway one hundred and traffic seems to be doing fairly well a little busy there on all one forty one after roaming creek single volume in the area there but I have a feeling it's just due to the electric signals also six channel to get set up on eastbound seventy doubling down between kings highway and branch in the city in addition to all forty four business forty four rather between interchange chart intagram drive in the county line of course they should be working or travelling via hard road and Franklin County as well if you're leasing or commercial or industrial flat roof there's only one company to call the flat roof company for their great reputation excellent service and great prices at three one four nine nine five.

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