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And who would book you every single time like ralph lauren well when i first started modeling i was a catalog model in i just like made that cash and it was just i and i always was booked again and then i did the guest campaigns i did seven guests campaigns and i worked for vs couple times sports illustrated dist is ellen von north still shoot all of the guests not all of them i worked with yusei and and ellen right she's amazing i mean jonah oh my god to the new i hate to say it but like the new status of like scuba what's gavrilo ellen von worth is that status yeah and so have you worked with peter lindbergh yes i have i did one david yurman with him wow yeah and what about patrick dementia all i haven't worked seat reiko no sammy patrick demarchelier yeah okay okay it's my favorite thing to your patchett demolishing when i ran looked down when i don't know something i'm like it's like john charleston casa job the only person earthy nuts have say that i'm sorry john i know i know who you're talking guy so who are your favorites have you done stephen my yes i did stephen myself i did eric invoke with him and italian vote i love working with mario testino favorite bruce weber yes he knows how to make anyone look they're absolute bass by doing very minimal he's just incredible you know steven meisel has not been photographed in public in like twenty six years.

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