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I have a full appreciation of the administration in there kind member stations with India and other countries have competing interests that's for them to figure out but our task is to focus solely on religious liberty and make recommendations based upon that alone to the administration in his own remarks at the hearing Perkins said the warning light is flashing with regard to countries using citizenship laws to discriminate against minorities Tom gjelten NPR news Washington this is NPR news thank you we do news with Brian what will continue informing you and just a few minutes at a twenty to one KQ weedy John McConnell informs you know about traffic at eight nineteen a developing slow down in San Jose and eighty eighty southbound EDT before wanna one collision there of middle lane possibly two middle lanes blocked and also twenty four westbound through windows slow there is a crash reported near the Caldecott tunnel westbound although right at the tunnel itself traffic seems to be okay but it's pretty backed up with a separate collision reported near a window the backup to block a lot it's how we four westbound still of the collision at Loveridge road blocking the far right lane slowing traffic from Somers bill and this their thirties train is delayed ten minutes Joe McConnell for KQED support for KQ weedy comes from the law firm Fenwick and west for.

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