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Class i mean every time you tune into the ufc you're watching absolute best in the world Funny and patty the batty who has become one of everybody's favorite humans the scouser with the incredible accident. I think he was burning a marlboro right on the front porch last night instagram. You don't. He ate punches and we had him on the show and he actually said he was waiting to get to the ufc because he didn't think he was ready at. He didn't think it was writing. Then he comes in there in one of his weapons is like just eating punches. His face is a weapon in for you. That has to be a dream right whenever you have a guy like that and whenever you have other fighters is that what the contender series is who could potentially be lightning for us. Who could potentially going to be champion. And when you see a guy like patty how resist the urge of not being like all right. Let's and put this guy. Let's go to england and put this guy in a main event. Like how do you resist that urge when you know when it's right and when it's not yeah well obviously gotta look at the record. You gotta look at who. They fought their last couple of fights. And then you bring them in. And there's only one way to find out who's really ready who's not and nothing is more perfect and finding out if somebody's ready or not than the contender series whenever people come fight in the contender series. Are they under the impression that they could win a ufc contract because everybody remembers the ultimate fighter. That was a game changer. The ultimate fighter was a game changer. I mean i think that introduced a may to people that maybe would have never got into it because it's more of a reality show plus there's fights in there so i thought it was great. Do people go into the contender series with the mindset. Like hey we're going to get you contract. If we went on the other side you know what we call it. The ultimate job interview. You know you come in and you have to perform and the other thing that i love about it. Is that the amount of pressure. But these fighters are under. That's the other thing. Can you handle the pressure of being here and performing under this unbelievable amount of pressure so it is the perfect formula to find out who's ready. Who's not hey whenever you have like billionaires row almost at every. Ufc event is seems like on the hard camera side. Obviously there's just a slew of people who have been very successful in their life. It's become the new like hey if you mg k. And megan fox. And then travis and courtney and it's become the new thing the thing to be at. Ufc fights is that something you did on purpose or is this them reaching out to you as fan saying hey. Is there any way i can get in there. I assume that's not an easy ticket to give out or to get in. If you piss somebody off. I assume there's a little bit of a dance. And that whole thing. Dana or no well people reach out and people reach out and ask for tickets. Yeah so there's there's three different sections so billionaires row. Is that the mcgregor fight. So the last mcgregor fight. You'll see the section behind me where i said that. That's that's my section right there guy off to the left where you see the fighters with where they're all sitting and you know guys will walk up to the adriana walk in there's fighters there so when connor fought i had to cut the media section in half and adult what was called billionaires row in the three rows there. We're all billionaire so that's pretty good for business. Yeah that's good for business. Duncan is good news over there. When you think of like a conor mcgregor and then you see like sugar. Sean is gaining. Some buzz in. Patty has some buzz. You need that. That is something that needs in. Are you always trying to build those. Do you watch like wwe to see like how did you learn anything for wwe or is that kind of the fighters. Connor is an incredible promoter. Sugar sean is an incredible promoter. Patties and incredible promoter. Is that kind of on them. You think or is it kind of like a partnership to build these megastars do create these billionaire road type situations. Yeah so what happens. Is you know. Obviously we're looking the first and foremost thing that we're looking for talent. Can you find your. Are you good enough. Can you fight then if you have the personality of one of those type of guys just just a home run and obviously You know we know how strongly all we know How many people are watching. You know i go through the ratings and break down. Every single hour of the fights l. And we know who pops in who doesn't so There's a lot of a lot of things that are involved in going into figuring out where somebody is placed on the card and how they drop. Do you want to lead off with taught in the end with he. Is that kind of the plan. When you're want to open the show with a pop and hopefully the show the end with the pop. And what i'm looking for is when i put on a fight card i'm looking for three or four holy shit moments where everybody whether you're at the arena. You're at home. Everybody jumps out of their seat listening with all these six. That whole you know that energy. That happens with that moment. I'm looking for three or four. Those per card deals lawler going to give you at least to have feels like that is obviously infocomm scale. Obviously go ahead ty. We're talking to dana white. Obviously thank you for your time. Right now dana dana. Obviously you guys have the events at t. mobile or mgm and all. That kind of stuff. Are there any plans to have. Maybe like a year end card at allegiance stadium and also like. Have you noticed any more of a buzz. In vegas with the raiders. Being there now. Are you so busy that you don't really see any of that shit. Yeah no i. i don't know you know. We'll see what flights materialize over the rest of the year But you're talking seventy thousand seats and the kind to create the kind of energy buzz that i like in a fight. You know you gotta sell the place out..

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