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Then we can discuss it again. Like I got the whole they're the biggest team in in the Eastern Conference biggest team thing last year. And now all of a sudden it's era, it's falling apart. There's some there's a lot of balls that they have in the air right now that they're juggling. And I wanna see where they land before I like alternately render my verdict here. I like our fine. I think he's a very good player. Not that there were serious concerns last year. We saw what happened when they had to try to squeeze like two minutes out of Greg Monroe in the postseason, John shit Joan bowl then and you could potentially play those guys together. But again, what's the deal, look like in for how many years, and it worries me that they might have to give him more years than I would be comfortable with that thing, though with Philadelphia? It's like yes, you should be out Horford selling. Here's the thing. Here's the thing, Joel young. And Ben Simmons is young and Horford is not and being moved around, sometimes, like he was forty so for Philadelphia to me, the window is now like, yes, the third and fourth year that Horford contract if they signed in which it sounds like they very well may might the windows now like now is the time to capitalize on a year, where katie's out where Klay Thompson is out for most of the season, the Western Conference. We'll see what happens over there in the east, depending on again. What does it is completely wide open if Colli leaves the raptors Philadelphia to me is the favorite in the east? Win the whole Philadelphia starts burning later, we're gonna have you talked down off the ledge because that was a good pep talk would reporting right now seventy Sixers have already started discussions with Rich Paul on an extension for Benjamin's. There was some question about one that would begin and, you know, whether or not, they do it in earnest, obviously, they're going to want to extend Benjamin's within, there was questions about would Benson's want to be extended that soon nobody's passed up that kind of money that he's in line for, but something also to keep an eye on back to the nets for a second. You just gave me the whole preamble on the Sixers and how excited you are for them essentially to be these conference favorites. Even if you do shuffle out some of these guys where do you slap in the nets next season without Katya? I think there, maybe four or five in the east for stolid. They'll be a good playoff team. I think you can't be underestimated that they added Taurean prince a guy who has another is the wing position for them like they're not a contender by any means, but assuming care sliver continues making progress. They're going to be a good team. Man. What's your level of confidence kyri will behave himself? I mean contracting new place kyri dozens of all the blame for what happened in Boston. A large significant portion of it. Yes. But all of it no part of it was just the circumstances with a guy like terriers air who wanted to get paid and did get paid getting a fifty eight million dollar contract with an option in the final year, then you have Jalen Brown and Jason Tatum to younger players who led a team to the Eastern Conference finals and then Haywood comes back and, and comes back and suddenly there opportunities are taken away, it was just a mix just didn't work out. And part of that on Irving for his passive aggressive comments in the media for all the. The smear campaign all the things that have been reported about him, part of it is on kyri and the drama that naturally surrounds him..

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