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You want to sip the bag of a liberal? This is a great start. We're walking we're at the rainbow, and we go into like a and try to clean up the act, and we focused the Ozzy come fucking staggering. And he's fucking hammered. And he's got this is sue sat on any like sits down. And the next thing. You know, we're back in the bathroom bumps where we need that morning. And now we're doing was Sam sponsor today. And then we're in the bag is limo, and it Sam Nause sit in the back off on the side chair and his blow dealing in the gar- got a little baggie. I guess for everybody we're going to ozzy's apartment and. And the guy gets you believe will you believe in power of the dog forces. And just fucking getting free tonight. I try to stay positive. I try to just believe in fucking good stuff. Happy. That's because you're going to have a series of everybody dreams for the next few nights. Apparently, Satan can't control his drinking and drug problem. But he's gonna Kirsch your life. You know, this guy. Lipsey so freaked fuck out. Die. I mean, you know, crazy moments like that. And there were allowed. I mean, it was it was amazing. It was do. I regret any of it. Fuck. No. I had a blast. But also, I don't fucking do it anymore. Nor would I ever do. It was it was a five or six year. Fuck and run I retired the fucking straw. Actually, it was, you know, just like, you know, I don't recommend it for anybody. But you know, I was. I had a lot of fucking fun, bro. My you know, what I do it again differently. Probably do a couple things differently. If I if I had to do it over again. But I like what I probably wouldn't. I mean, probably I probably would wouldn't party as much. I probably would have just come dial it back couple notches just they like, but it was impossible to leave. I mean, you're in Vegas. There's fucking all these fucking Rockstars hanging out. There's probably fifteen fuck strippers hanging out. There's all these comedians hanging out. And there's like, you know, this MIR with John, I mean mound of fricken blow on it. And you trying to get out and Sam stand in front of the door plane party goalie, nobody leaves no what Bharti goalie so you just fucking hung out. And you know, but I look at it now, and you go you could never ever fucking do that. Now, you could just never do it. Now. I mean, the social media number one. But also, I mean show biz of. Fulltime job. Now. I mean, you got to put your eight hours in every fucking day. Just like everybody else you got to you know, so. Was it fun for me? Yeah. But I mean, it wouldn't work by today's standards. But certainly back in the day. It was a fucking blast. Oh, why don't you know, you're trying to explain it to people like what the sunset strip was like where you could literally go see guns and roses or rat. Or? Yeah. Molly, go, go the fucking the Ariz Iraq Gazawi's. I'm Ben Bengals Ari and art LeBow and all those guys from the Ramos Amnon, all those guys. They would all come on. They would all hang out. Ron jeremy. I mean, it was literally did it was like, I was you're right. It was fucking the sunset strip. And I was fucking balls deepen it, man. I mean, this is a story. We were trying to behave ourselves we stop in the fuck and rainbow because a great chicken soup and I loved her competes. So we're sitting there, and you know, we go out, and I'm driving a car was me, salmon, another dude, and we're driving down sunset and literally Sam was staying like a. Like sunset plaza across was had a little join up there and literally do not even a minor. Maybe not even a mile. We get into car. We pulled to a light in his name art pose next to delight in his limo. You gotta shit pro shit. Literally, try does such at thirty five miles an hour gonna drive my car, and it's got us live and we get close enough. So the limo driver can hand the bag out the window to Sam. And could we scored we scored blow in the drive for rainbow? Same place across sunset plaza drive. I might not even be half mile your health nuts. It was back in the day..

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