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Did you notice that I didn't either? I thought that Mitch came over and celebrate it with him. Yeah, black of Dallas. Did you guys notice? I didn't notice that at all. I noticed that Jimmy Graham can't jump anymore. That's the only thing I noticed about. The other thing, too is is like I mean, you'll see it all the time and again, the dynamic that exists between those that are diehard Mitch fans and those that let's just call it are skeptical. And concerned the difference between their Thursday in the reality people. It's It's like, you know what in Mitch gave you enough? And then we talk about this. Esther gave you enough for each side to dig their heels in On Sunday. Like if you're someone that just believes wholeheartedly, the last 15 minutes, you're going, you know, Thump your chest on that. And if you're someone, it's skeptical and his itchy and scratchy about him. You're going to point to the 1st 45 minutes of the situation and That's just how it's. It's always going to be, but the whole concept of okay now what we're gonna do is we're gonna put the film on and everyone's going to bitch and moan and argue about whose fault it was. Why it wasn't here. Well, that ball supposed to be here and the receiver? Was it like No offense, 95% of the noise that you hear. Nobody has any idea and I played the position and I probably only know 50% of the time really, truly where the ball's supposed to go. So it's so hard to see and watch the film and look at it even sitting on your couch and come to any really sound good. They have those analytics focus Has those analytic the catch radius and catch percentage and all that stuff, Don't Yes, that that stuff that you see and what, but I'm talking about like where the ball's supposed to go on all some of the other stuff. It's You know? Listen, we all we all fancy are ourselves his football experts. It's really hard to know. But as I said, it's people dig their heels in on both sides of this and half of the last several years, Colin did to sign your on ESPN 1000. What's up, Colin? Hey, guys there Tuesday going today. So far so good. Yet. So I'm sitting here thinkin Alan signs with us in 2018 after a unimpressive 2017 by Mitch. Honestly, What was he expecting? Did he think that he was going to get a great quarterback some point in his career? Get his yards and everything going. So then I'm a pretty petty person. So I'm pace. I'm looking to trade Robinson. The Chargers or the Browns. Just be like, Hey, you want to trade here you go. Here's a trade. Thank huge. Hey, listen, he advertises forced and he's like, Listen, I'm a pretty petty guy. There's a zit comes. I think this has been great planning by. I don't know what? What? It gets him eventually, if he gets the deal if I don't know why he hasn't gotten a deal to begin with But this is we were trying to think of this in the break Like a lot of other receivers who are divas. You're like they requested trained. You're like, screw him. Let him go. You know where there have been other players in Chicago sports. That even that we've all soured on like Chris sale at one point was very well liked. And then he started doing a bunch of stuff, cutting up uniforms and arguing for Drake LaRoche and White Sox fans like Fine. Go ahead. And, like Alan Robinson's approval rating is probably as high is any athlete currently in Chicago. Simple hungry? You know where you have very few of those people who say Oh, yeah, well, you know you don't like it here. Alan will leave. You know if this was a different player, I think that takes would have been different. I think that last caller was very those people been few and far between. I think there are a lot of people that have sympathy for him like maybe sympathies the wrong word, but They see him excel in a difficult environment I met. The better word is they have immense respect for his craft. So how do you interpret all this with Alan Robinson? It's going to be interesting tomorrow. What happens tomorrow? The Bears were supposed to go backto work. They've got the Giants. They've got a prime opportunity. To go to two and Oh, and now all of a sudden they have drama in the building. The question is, Will Allen Robinson be in the building? Now, a lot of land so that coming up next You're Listeningto Waddle and Sylvie on ESPN. 1000, Chicago's.

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