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Early This is tom. I'm from carry canada. Oh you guys can explain the science behind. What is unquestionably the greatest moment. In the james bond franchise the balloon at the end of living. Martha asked qatar's character connecticut. The someone's feeling as far as some sort of impressed gas tell us causing him to inflate flow to the ceiling and explode in absolutely ridiculous fashion. What find find that. Especially as my co host. On james bonding and i have a ongoing feud about the worst moment in the whole franchise. I say it's this he says it's when the pigeons and i believe it's moon raker deal double take at james bond's gondola in the venetian canals. Floating hovercraft but the pigeon does a like bad at this thing were kananga. Dr congo played by jafa koto bonds. Shoves what's called a sharp bullet in his mouth which is meant to inflate him and he doesn't say anything about filling them full of helium gas but for some reason he floats the water to the top of this cave and then explodes and is just ridiculous for it. Otherwise great movie. It's just a really can't be way so you heard it right there. Everyone meant girly calls. It an otherwise great movie. I i love my time. One one implausibility this implausibly really bring that movie down. I still contend. It's the worst moment in the whole franchise. 'cause it in you haven't seen the twenty fifth but you predicts this. Yeah i'm willing. To predict 'cause on wise homes angus this kind of really dignified really cares matic villain and it just. It's such a silly end for him. Do you have anything you want to ask us about. Corey's all about cosmology i'm about mccain. We both love lasers and there are a lot of lasers and james bond. Yeah well. I can't get passed this kananga thing. So if if some little bullet when you started feeling you with gas how your body wouldn't turn into a balloon right. It would just fisher in some place like your cheeks would explode i. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah i think so. Let's assume at least gets into his stomach or something or safa. Guess would you can you. Can you can inflate a stomach or intestines up to a point. You know well as you say there. There are two big problems with one. Is that him flights this enormous size without popping or spring. A leak or anything but the others that he floats away like a helium balloon. Yeah that's almost more troubling. He's under seems to hit something on the ceiling and pop. He is originally and then he floats out of water but the footage looks so bad that they do a post production zoom into his cheeks. Because i don't think they wanted to see the whole thing and the film gets all grainy so and the editing is really bad in the moment. The whole thing's a mess very latex when you get up. Close derivative of goldfinger getting sucked out of the airplane. I see it's like the opposite kind of that's not a favorite of mine either. That just looked so bad as well. Wait bill medical question. Sure cover up if you cover a naked person with gold paint. Would they die from suffocation. And if you leave a small patch uncovered near the base of the spine. Would they survived. Well apparently circus performers according to bond james bond did that so matt you have a favorite or least favorite bond girl bond woman. Yeah vests origin from casino. Royale i i just love her. 'cause she's the most complex. It's a wonderfully written role. The performance is fantastic. It's the original bond girl. That's what sets him up to be kind of a flawed misogynist. Not that. I'm rooting for him to become that. But it least puts an answer to what had otherwise binges glib tossed off of relationships and stuff. It just has a lot of dimension to it. I love that raw and she everybody. I don't want to spoil it but things go badly. They in many ways things go badly. They have a lovely relationship and then and then things go badly. Diana rigg to her. And it's all down to how well the roles written in on her majesty's secret services in many ways her film just as much as bonds. And i think that's what makes it interesting. And that's the one where he gets married mary but then things go wrong. Go badly for that too. It's that there are some downsides to being james bond. yeah relationship stability. I think. I think we can all agrees lonely guy. Yeah and that's a book is. He's he's a really flawed character and kind of sociopathic in ways. That the movies asking you to really be on the side of him. And the craig films are a little bit more like you know this guy from a distance. He's not your everyday hero. He's got some problems by watching from a distance. You mean keep him at arms-length don't fall in love with him the way you would roger moore bonds. You know this this is meant to be a man who's got some issues so he's not a hero one hundred percent. He's brave but he's not a hero in the sense that a superhuman would be hired assassin. He's he's an assassin in in some ways a psychopath in casino royale and the sociopath and you know he's why psychopathic casino royale. Well he just is detached from For instance the sort of sacrificial lamb bond girl in that movie salon is tortured and murdered because of his connection with her. And m says you know i would. I would basically scold you about this but you don't really care do you. And he just goes no. He's he's kind of. I don't know if it's narcissism but more sociopath that just he lacks empathy. But he the thing i love about his tenure to he starts to gain that through the film especially in losing vesper and not wanting to go through that again. He's becoming a better person. That's been even better because what he has. This is what what. I would describe as the fighter pilot comms. What's going on guys focus. We all wish we had that fighter pilot calm but the other thing. Is you emphasize to the beginning. He's got cue that his the secret weapon is his. You know is better than a fighter. This guy call guy who's got the best. The he's got the best tech in the world is better than the fighter pilot comms. He's got the beat. You're exposed testicles. With carpet beater calm. That's also from the book. Yeah yeah is there anything in these movies that you find realistic or that are actually is actually good spying. Good tradecraft is james bond. A good spy often. he's not. He's often going around announcing his arrival saying his name. And that's something i love about. The bon the craig franchise to is. He comes right out of the gate. Saying i'm bond but i'm doing that to let him know that i know he knows who i am. So that's part of his tradecraft. Where roger moore which. I love for different reasons. He just comes in. I'm bond james bond. I'm the world's great spy. Take a look at me. It's bad news in the early ones from russia with love. If feels like some guy and it feels like a hitchcock by north west kind of shoe leather detective stories so there. There's something for everyone in these bond movies and i love those ones especially right but but but does he ever do good spy work. I think he does in in from russia with love and dr no The longer the films go on the less effective in actual detective spy he is. I think well you know. I think about casino royale where he has to be benzon to tie shoe and he gets he bumps the other guy's car to get acted. Yeah he's good in casino royale. He's got some good tradecraft. I love sky follows a film but he's a horrible spy. In fact he fails in every element of that movie to protect 'em she dies silva gets what he wants. I don't know how much the screenwriters were thinking about how much he failed. Because you don't realize it.

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