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But I got to get in there and move out with him. He was he was doing this. And then he picked me up and put his shoulder into my chest. And I started producing estrogen and I start. Screaming? Immediately. I actually embraced him. And then I cooked for him that night. I cleaned floors. Well, by the way, you do it Daniel tells you, but he's shorter than I am. And he looks at ten a shirt, he looks like I don't know. My UPS guy isn't that far off my UPS guys are thick dude. But you wouldn't look at my UPS guy. Go that's the baddest guy on the planet and Daniel Corman has lost. Only twice to two guys. Right. I mean to one guy John John's, right? That's the only guy that has his number other than that. He is. He's incredible. Well, he would also say that he did not lose to John Jones either. Well, it wasn't a fair fight. He would say well. And you know, maybe there's a case to be made there. But there's no one more impressive no-one than Daniel Cormie. I just gonna do is. He is he gonna wait for less ner or just not fight at all like to see him put a beaten on Lessner. I'd like to see that. I wanna see Daniel get paid. I wanna see these guys get paid. I'm gonna see Daniel shirt make ten million dollars and never have to worry. He's just a he's just a great human being. Yeah. He's turned forty this week and he's dealing with a back injury. Because he sneezed which does not sound like an octagon ready individual does sound like he he is. He is a UPS driver with all, you know, by the way, my UPS driver. He's rock-solid. He's not the came. He's gotta add beautiful body. He's in but see somewhere in between Cormie and decay Metcalf remarking about from the combo Metcalf. I want if I looked like that I would never wear clothes. I I walk around. Are you kidding? He's ridiculous. Just be running. I run to I don't know on the beach. I just be oh, I'd always be an action or just Posey. Oh, my on air compadres Daniel Jeremiah's that next to me said he's a human bat suit is what he called a human bat suit. So think of that what he said Bazzi, I've just never when you see a man like that like I look at them. And I'm like, oh my God. I thought I was straight. I say that I love beautiful. Hey, it's okay. With the problem. So John Jones best ever we say, he's the best ever. That's what's being discussed. Now that he's he just came off the W. I mean, you gotta give it up to them. There's no I mean, I've he's just so creative. How do you solve that problem? I have no idea. I mean again, by the way, both his brothers are standouts in organization called the NFL national. Yes. So you just just when you play one down in the NFL, you're a better athlete and everybody within ten square miles. I don't you know, that's that's a fact and his brothers. So that dead, gene pool. But he's he's more than that. He's just he's a true fighter. He so creative his ability to just stay kind of relaxed and kind of let's see what I do. Maybe a hit to my Hobo. Maybe I'll hit you. With a jab nominee front kick. You now I'm gonna do weird thing with my elbow. He does these weird things. He's you can't you can't game plan for John Jones. Is there any way we can get Komiya in the octagon with him? One more time. The only way I would like to see coordinate fight. I don't wanna see coronary by John Jones again because I love Daniel cormier, and he has nothing approved. But if Daniel komo's healthy, and he fought at heavyweight Daniel Komi a to forty because that's what he walks around that. I think sorry Daniela if you're now DC, I know, I know. Traction hell's going on I know sensitive about that? But I mean, you know, that would be the only thing I'd be he's undefeated heavyweight. But again, this John John's John Jones makes mincemeat out of everybody out of a fight has he finished everybody. I believe except for Ovan Saint Pru..

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