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In February of this year, and to Edith was awarded the order of distinction for cultural leadership for her years of work as a teacher of Hawaiian culture. The award was presented by governor ariyoshi in a ceremony at the state capitol. Mahalo. Thank you to all of you who has made it possible for me to share with you and with your young people with my young people. To meet behooves asked in our age to share with our young people or they will not have it tomorrow. And he Edith would have been 66 years old, October 30th, a full blooded Hawaiian. She was born in Honolulu on the big island, and at the time of her death, lived in kale kahan, near hilo, working with Hawaiian civic organizations, the Mormon church, and continuing her position as instructor of hawaiiana at the university of Hawaii at hilo. In May of this year, and to Edith was honored by her Hawaiian music colleagues as she was presented with a nahoko hano hano award for the year's best traditional Hawaiian album. Pelé prevails in Hawaii, an album of family and traditional Hawaiian chants. I'm glad that presentation was made available and I'm glad the honored her for her many accomplishments. Good for her. Absolutely. The early part of that clip, they said she was honored along with another very, very famous entertainer for many years and Don Ho. Who made several TV appearances, especially in the 1970s for those of you that are more our age. And another famous Hawaiian recording artist that a lot of people may have known or remembered was Izzy. Is it come a koala? And best probably known for his rendition of somewhere over the rainbow. That we play on this show from time to time oh..

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