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Fit Sports at 15 and 45 powered by Red River Technology decisions aren't black and white Think red There's been rabies All right sandy we're talking college hoops and so much talk this season about how it was a down year for the typically mighty ACC one of the best conferences in the country had only 5 teams in this year's NCAA tournament field but sure enough here we are at the elite 8 and three teams from the ACC are still dancing in duke North Carolina and Jim Lara's Miami hurricanes You know honestly the older of the season I try to explain league is really really good Everybody recognizes that duke and Carolina those programs are traditionally very very strong but the other teams in our league are very very talented very deep have great coaches Miami hurricanes in the elite 8 for the first time in program history they'll face top seeded Kansas tomorrow afternoon How about this for Jim laren Aga He is now the first head coach in NCAA history to reach the elite 8 with a double digit seed from two different schools He did it back in 2006 with George Mason led them all the way to the final four Now 16 years later Lara nega leading number ten Miami into a regional final As for those other ACC schools duke takes on Arkansas tonight while North Carolina faces the upstart Saint Peter's peacocks tomorrow at 5 O 5 Ben raby WTO sports It's one 16 Top stories we're following for you on WTO President Biden marveled at the spirit and resolve of Ukrainian refugees in the aftermath of Russia's deadly invasion as he embraced mothers and children today He's about to deliver a major speech in Poland We hear from the director of the American Jewish committee for Central Europe on the help that Ukrainian refugees need More reports on attempts by the wife of Supreme Court Justice to exert influence on The White House and members of Congress stay with WTO for more on these stories in just minutes It's one 17 the national desert storm memorial association says it hopes to soon be able to break ground now that it has received substantial financial help from Kuwait That's pending final design approval for the memorial which will be near the Lincoln and Vietnam veterans memorials Kuwait ambassador in Washington says his country is proud to be the major donor to construction He says they want to recognize the men and women who pay the ultimate price to free Kuwait from the aggression of Saddam Hussein in 1991 The memorial is estimated to cost $40 million The association didn't say the amount of Kuwait's contribution but financial statements show that up until now about 23 million had been raised.

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