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The character they don't wanna look at to the life through her life is this woman named rahab find her story in joshua chapter two in the context of the story is to spies just come into the land from the israelites and we're walking around the city of jericho and they came into her apartment we picked up the scene joshua tubers twelve to fifteen says now then please swear to me by the lord that you'll show kindness to my family because i've shown kindness to you give me a sure sign that you will spare the lives of my father my mother brothers and my sisters and all who belong to them and that you will save us from our lives through your lives the menace shorter if you don't sell what we are doing we will treat you kindly and faithfully when the lord gives us the land show she shows she let them down by rope through the window for the house she live and in was part of the city wall here's the title for today's message you're ready for give me a sign said give me a sign now look at your favorite neighbors they give me a sign that you love me now signs of love give a couple of hugs and all of our location give out a couple of signs thank you worship team after you've given a couple of hugs you could be seated wanna welcome all of our locations ice fish want to welcome our e fam folks joining online from around the world now there's one of them her name is susie susie is in ireland she here's one of my favorite people to follow on social media she is a part of our e fame with their orange team doing chats on check this out she has opened up multiple eager in europe for different time zones to be able to participate with her that's pretty incredible isn't it as susie we love you thanks for what she'd do but i want to get into this character named rahab today we don't know a whole lot about of her life but we do know a couple of things one of the things we know is her occupation now some would call her profession the oldest occupation profession on the earth that is prostitution yes i apologize parents if you.

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