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At the Robert Wood Johnson foundation website are W, J, F dot org. And this week in Texas continues. Did you know your Texas be checkoff supports grape more than twelve hundred loving fitness enthusiasts Texas beef team? Athletes are committed to living acted healthy lifestyles, serving their community and helping others lead healthier lives. I'm Kelly Sullivan from Santa Rosa range, while I'm working on my operation together Texas, beef checkoff in Texas beef team are working towards building a healthier, Texas. To learn more, visit Texas beef checkoff dot com funded by the Texas beat council. Did you know that just one pint of blood can help impact up to three lives? Donating blood is a simple way you can make a difference in your community. I'm David Vollmann, Texas dairy farmer. Join dairy farmers like myself in saving lives across our area during our passion for pints blood drive events throughout the month of June. Visit Derry max dot org to find a blood drive near you. That's dairy max dot org. This week. Find great deals at Walgreens, now all twelve pack soft drinks are three for nine ninety nine with card and skin care products like Neutrogena are by to get third free with card now through six twenty nine nineteen get great deals on the essentials, you need right here at your neighborhood. Walgreens, Walgreens, trusted since nineteen o one while supplies last. Restrictions and exclusions apply. See store for details. But no Napa auto care centers. We'll get a seventy five dollars prepaid card when you spend two hundred fifty bucks on Napa brake parts which is caused a celebrate because normally the sound of screeching. Briggs means your Bank accounts about to take a hit, but getting seventy five bucks back makes that hit. Not so bad quality, parts installed by the pros. That's Napa know how. Participating Napa auto care settings. Exclusions apply. Offer ends six thirty nineteen..

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