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Come within the framework of a new constitution. We rescue parise strategic resources. Gus should be peruvians. Got me says we must nationalize the chemistry gas project. The gold the silver therion lithium. The have just been handed over to other countries has to be for peruvians. And i think he's right. I think that private interests business interests from other countries coming in and taking advantage of the natural resources of latin american countries is a huge problem and so To see him. Speak out against that. I think is is Appealing to some however. The private media has been pretty vicious toward him spreading all sorts of disinformation regarding How cuss steals leadership will lead to a situation in which peru will mirror that of venezuela. They're they're fear mongering about cuba and so That might have persuaded some peruvians to vote in favor of Fujimori his opponent But i do want to read this comment in our member. Section from perpendicular time because This common is accurate and i. I'm grateful that this perspective is being shared. By the way you can become a member by going t- white dot com slash join perpendicular time rights saying death. Squads doesn't quite explain her father's history politics she shares as part of her family's political dynasty. Fujimori was a dictator whose death squads were organized for the genocide of indigenous people. So thank you for that. Comment and clarification is an important one. You're right about that So you know we'll see how this turns out You know. Fujimori has faced some serious Accusations herself For instance she has also racked up accusations of graft accused of receiving more than seventeen million dollars in illegal campaign funds and heading a criminal organization and could face a thirty year jail term if convicted she denies the allegations which she describes as politically motivated But you know prue had like look. We know what happened with her father Peru also has a pretty terrible history with corruption in fact Just late last year The martine viscaya who was serving as the president was basically ousted as a result of bribery allegations. He denies the bribery allegations. His supporters claim that He was targeted by members of congress over his focus of rooting out corruption. So far based on what. I've read there hasn't really been much corroborating evidence indicating that he did take bribes but As i mentioned the office of the presidency in peru has been riddled with all sorts of problems You know vis karas Ouster late and the inauguration of the interim president his name was manuel. Moreno amounted to return of the political. Chaos that has a long riddled peru. where you know you've seen since the nineteen ninety s presidents who have resigned. They've been indicted They've been put in jail amid clouds of corruption. One former president even killed himself. So you know the country needs stability. I think that a focus on ensuring that the natural resources of the country actually benefit the people of the country is important and so it looks as though the outcome of this election will be a positive one and we'll certainly fill you in As soon as we know the final details. But i do also want to note that the dsa has already congratulated castillo. And i hope that he does Secure this win. Because i think that he is the better of the two candidates for sure aright final story in the first hour before we move onto our second hour with john. Pennsylvania man has been charged with fraud and identity theft after posing as donald trump and members of donald trump's family to defraud hundreds of trump's supporters. Now the trump campaign also engaged in quite a bit of scammy behavior. But when we're talking about a private citizen who has no power you know that this system will drop the book at him and they should. You shouldn't defraud people. You shouldn't steal identities now. Joshua hall is charged with fraud and identity theft after federal prosecutors said he missed represented himself or others while soliciting funds for a purported trump reelection organization that did not exist instead hall use. The funds raised thousands of dollars for his own personal living expenses. So what did he do exactly. There was actually a lot of hard work behind this He created various social media accounts. That later were able to accumulate as many as one hundred thousand followers and when he created these accounts he pretended to be various members of trump's family including Yes even barron trump Trump's youngest child he pretended to be one of trump's siblings and he was soliciting donations from trump supporters by posing as various members of trump's families Even created a fake political organization to raise the money and even got media attention for positive media attention for it now hall. impersonated one of trump's siblings. And that's who they're referring to with victim one here hall impersonating victim. One made a public social media posts that falsely stated that victim one runs the fictitious political organization with hall and that josh is doing great work so please give him a and support him Now hall didn't just pretend to be one of trump siblings. As i mentioned earlier he also pretended to be barron trump and so in the official federal complaint prosecutors right that hall impersonating victim to made a public social media posts. That stated that hall was victim. To's friend meaning Barron trump friend and partner and that josh is an amazing patriot who is doing tremendous things for a great country. He has my complete and total endorsement with complete total endorsement in all caps. very trump. like they're of course and what i find fascinating about. This is yes. He should suffer the consequences the legal consequences of defrauding people. No one should do it. I think when a group presents themselves as as gullible as trump supporters have presented themselves. Unfortunately they end up being a target for these types of scams but was also really interesting is how the two tier justice system really does play a role in this particular case because while federal prosecutors are like all lynn there after this guy. They're like all right joshua hall he's committing these crimes. We need to make sure we prosecute him the trump campaign engaged in all sorts of scams. And no one got prosecuted for that so just to remind you. All trump pretended to be raising money for the court battles pertaining to the two thousand twenty general election when in reality the vast majority of that money that he was raising was going toward his own political action committee. So the there's that there was a disclaimer at the very bottom of those solicitous deals in fine fine print saying that more than eighty percent of those funds would actually go to trump's pack There was also the fact. That he transferred a whopping two point three million dollars of campaign funds to his private properties. Which should maybe be investigated. Seems like might have broken a law there. But i also wanna remind you.

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