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To you by foresee iced tea and drink mix all right lorry north of town on route one northbound we've got a problem it's a left lane multicar crash out there right before copeland circle that's route sixty in revere and that sketches solid now back to route sixteen traffic just inching along trying to make it by this scene the police have arrived fired cetera and they have left lane blocked would again you are squeaking by in the right lane and it's going to take some time to get passed the scene leaving the city on ninety three northbound coming off the second bridge that's where you jim on the break then it's going to be a tough ride all the way up to spot pond you do slow down again after one twenty nine kind of a pocket he sort of ride as you make your way up through bylane drop once you hit about 133 you should be in better shape and work shake it up and you've got a delicious sugarfree zero calorie drank foresee sticks are available at shah's storm arkhan now.

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