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Get ourselves out. And then I can go to that. Patrick Kane play team, high twenty two minutes and forty eight seconds tonight limited to two shots on goal. He did have another three blocked and another two attempts that missed the net. But he was sitting at a minus five until that assist on Artem Anisimov skull brought the with a hawks within sixty five. Finally, let's hear from Duncan Keith tonight. Played by twenty two and a half minutes on the six goals against the last five games. What do you guys need to tighten up your? Just better defensively in her own end. Defensive zone. Everything defensively. Can you explain the slow starts every game? Period. I prefer. Tax planning. James Comey already. Be there. Be better. Realms right now, you guys feel your closers the frustration. What is it twenty something? They're still on hockey be played. But at the same time, we need we need to start improving. Cribbing our starts. On the same page understand support. Things like that. Obviously starts. Visit become a mental specialty really starts compounding like this. And you're thinking about it. We're asking about it. And then just seems that. It's a mental game to be prepared. Have to deal with anything that you. Shift back year. Not saying. Spreading mental. And the words the.

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