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Tosses, and maybe not so much Daniel's gone, but toss his screens, things like that. They want to left tackle that can move. They don't usually put the big dude over there unless it was that one year of Trent Brown. Filari just has been horrible. I mean, it's just been terrible. The main thing that I would say that I really am concerned with a guy like falala is is more so the fact that he can't get his pads down. Like I'm not as concerned about the redirect stuff because I think they'll be able to help him fix that, especially if you have a quarterback like a pocket TV like Mac who doesn't necessarily need to set deep in the pocket. I think they'll be able to get him to be able to handle an inside counter. But if he can't get his pads down, the reason why he's getting pancake at 380 pounds is because he's playing too tall. And there's no excuse whatsoever for 380 pound tackle to get pancakes. Like you just can't have that, right? It's just ridiculous. The great thing and the thing that's super rare about Trent Brown is his ability to bend and sit down in his chair and catch guys. And if you can't do that at that size and you're going to have a lot of trouble in the NFL, if he can't block a speed to power rusher, then what's the point of a guy like Frank? That's his whole thing. The whole point is you want him just out there absorbing contact. And he's shown this week. He can't do that. Yeah. A lot of work to do. John Hanson, can we do Jamaica? Yeah. Let's do Jermaine Johnson, who has torn up every single one on one drill that you see, whether it's on Twitter or on the coverage of the senior boldest week, long Florida state edge rusher. I think it would drive me up an absolute wall of the Patriots took another edge rusher early in this draft. You have Jude on you. I've Ronnie Perkins. You have chase winovich, and here's another edge rusher. That would be a really tough pill to swallow. But he's looked fantastic. I can't deny that. He's probably been the best player on the field for the first couple of days of the senior bowl. Yeah. Good player. I just not on the Patriots radar for me. I just don't. Where he's going to go, the position he plays, they're deep enough. Now that I've said that, they'll take them, but yeah, I don't think he's necessarily patriot fitness draft. All right. Who did you want to go to now? So Scott Leighton with the Taysom Hill type question because there are a couple guys in this draft. I think this is right up Alex alley. So let me try to find it. So it's very recent. So I'll give you three names. Brock purdy from Iowa state, Dustin from Kent State. Both are quarterbacks, bigger, more physical.

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