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Now and then competing with andre dillard the twenty nineteen first round pick. So that'll be really interesting to see how that plays out. Maybe the competition out the best in both of those players and you get a really good option that left tackle but it's really rare. Rj you know being the historian you are. I feel you can appreciate the fact like for ever basically in our lives at least like the eagles have always had like an answer. A left tackle. It was trey thomas and then it was decent peters like for years and years and two long jason peters but like they always had that left tackle and now they might but we don't know so it's a big question mark di do think i mean the nfc since low key had some great left tackle play like not just jason peters trent williams tired smith like you mentioned thomas Flows l adams. There's it's it's been kind of this like historically great. And i don't even mean like deep history but just recent history And so that's tough and like it's i mean you know. I understand being shaky about or having shaky confidence in the eagles. When you're like. I don't know how good this quarterback is going to be. I don't know how good this head coach is going to be in my third like most pressing concern is who's going to play left tackle. Those are all really important things. And so i understand. Who do you think has the inside track winning. They'll tackle job. Though are the a my of. He's younger of i. Two years i know dealers. One of those old draft picks. He's turning twenty six this year so he's thirty years twenty six which is old for like soda and put them perspective. I think offensive tackles who came out. I was comparing this like last year. When there was talk that he might not start and disappears might come back to replace him. Which is almost happened Before brandon works her. It's like you know. Rookies where like twenty one and honor dillard's twenty-five last year. It's it's like a big difference so anyway. These younger dillard really struggled not only as a rookie. But last year in camp to there's one day in practice where he literally just got like rust into the ground by joyless men on the practice squad at stuff for the eagles ususally got destroyed and like almost to the point where he landed on carson wentz his legs and could have taken him out for the season so Maybe he's gotten better since then. Whatever i'll believe it. When i see i think it's going to be jordan ladder to make you feel worse about the age thing. Amari cooper who was the fourth overall pick in twenty fifteen is just twenty seven years old. So that's no. I don't i but i didn't take Well there was a lot of twitter you know gloating happening that night when phillies snaked him from houston. So i mean saying okay. Let's take a break and when we get back. We will discuss the new york football giants and the washington football team. This is advertiser content from facebook. Hi i'm taylor. I work at vox media and i found my dream couch from aden home. Thanks to a personalized out on instagram. So summer of two thousand eighteen. I moved from. La to new york super excited to start my new york dreams..

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