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Grab my caller. Look me in the eye and said if you ever think about swinging on me you better knock me out or tell me because i'm talking to you you just to say it's aggressive smoke. We have any problems he didn't even threaten the or what ever pops with all the way like gay. You've taken some game theory in your studies right. Pops did what they call a backward induction. He right he went all the way to the game. I know how this game is to. We don't need any of these other steps. I'm going right to my best response in my best response is if you swig or better. Knocked me out a kilby grass. Eight never looked that good grass look like days about the play. The us open another good one to finish us off. No name more location. So i was in high school Junior year male overweight kid over three hundred and fifteen townships quit football. Also that waste are hitting the gym feeling good so confident in the family gathering decide. You know what i want to take them. All man in front of my family started talking trash talking back and my dad is like you know. He's a thirty five year old. Like krishan working houston hot sun. You know don't take crafts. Nobody and he's the most with my family. And then when i started talking about within acting like where you going to do about it. He grabbed me by the negative for everybody to into the room and he told me straight up. You may be too old for spanking. You ain't never tool for beaten. So harrison's they i never took them on last night. I'm surprised he did you. The dignity of taking it behind closed doors it again. It seems these guys bisa. None of them had the dad to warn you. They all which straight to the logical conclusion. They all skipped every step. They wish straight to it. Do you think the dad was about to be embarrassed in front of his whole family. Front his queen no he. Apparently he did think that was going to happen and he was wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. Who else foot ladies and gentlemen phase of us joining us here on the right time. We do this three times a week. Gay best and handles everything behind the scenes. Thank you sir also thanked. You are if you haven't heard contributors thanks to andrew limbaugh g- of mpr check out his story or martin scalise wutang album being sold joseph society of ap check out his story about amazon. Trying to get in your front door door. Check it out. Also thanks to rachel. Lerman of the washington post check out her story on chat bots in healthcare. Who little bit spooky remember. Follow the right.

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