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Not sure why she wasn't a big training AB better if Jane Alexander plates Gog man's role. Scott Glen, have sex debris us awful, sir. She should have had sex with Scott Glen, everything would have. All right. Who when the movie the candidates are Redford? Hoffman. Aerob-? I'm going Robarts. I'm going Robards as well. What about America guys could say America, fellow that win the jury still out through this Robarts performance, which we saved for last year because I think we all knew when the movie. Actually makes me wonder why his I know he had the iceman come like, he's won two Oscars. Obviously a good career. But I feel like it should have been even a bigger career than it was. I mean, he's he's one of the great stage actors. Yeah. Yeah. Wish she'd been in more movies. I guess because stage acting comes Jack warden and Martin Balsam. Jason Robards is also a guy who I think his the second half of his life treated, his persona. Very well like, he's a really great older guy. You know what? I mean. That's angry young, man. He was great. But like once he started to grow into these roles like Julia like like all the president's men. I mean, he famously gives this incredible performance in magnolia when he's actually sort of diet. Yeah. The poll Thomasson is going be. I think that's a great point though that he was great as a guy in his fifties. There's also just like something with him. And I think that there's a lot of actors from the seventies that have stuff like this. He's just got that built in hangdog expression. Grits and his lung said he just feel character so much personality right off jump because you're like all like this guy with his like, he's just sad face on. Always just like a sad face. The Ben bradlee documentary which highly recommend. Yes, does a really good job of capturing. How important Robards was for the Ben bradlee mystique 'cause he won the movie at the time. And it actually he's so good in the movie as Ben bradlee that Ben bradlee became a bigger deal and became a much bigger star in they were kind of tied. They became friends, and I it's one of my favorite under fifteen minutes of total screen time performances ever. I can't imagine who else could have been really had to be him. He's he's he's perfect for it. I mean, there are a couple of other really great Robarts performances like Melvin and Howard. He was also nominated for that. We mentioned magnolia. He was in a couple of Sam Peckinpah movies in Packard and Billy kids in cables. But he was like in brewster's millions like he just had a really strange career. I don't understand it. There's some complicated stuff about them. My my wife is a huge Lauren Bacall fan and relate, and they were married and very very rocky relationship Bogart died, and you know, he was he was like a real tough guy. He was a World War Two hero. He was really decorated in the navy, and he just was like a a tough old school hard, drinking hard smoking hard acting kind of figure and like that. What's that hard to believe? Is that allowed the seventies chewed up a lot of those guys? Hopefully, and that's what makes me so good too. 'cause he's like you can feel that he's lived that life. Yeah. I'm trying to even my mind now to like recast this movie for with modern actors, and I just don't know that like there's there's anybody who has the gravitas especially in that age that that brat that Robarts.

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