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Here's how it's going to crush your business so you should prepare for it okay sounds that one is less google is the first one and facebook's the second one i mean i can't confirm one is definitely less fun than the other okay but i mean you guys are also customers at these platforms to customer customer you have to go out and acquire acquire customers facebook recently we are customers and they are our customers rise guys are all also major marketers yeah so facebook recently decided to label political content in some ways as ads when it's being promoted and a lot of that costs a lot of consternation among publishers and i'm sure the new york times was among them oh just just slightly so i take it you've probably seen some of the stuff marksman saying yes i love it i love it i mean it's just great to see someone take a stand these things are so complicated and going back to just how our relationships with these platforms are so multifaceted it's oftentimes hard to go if it's hard for us to go out and speak bad about facebook but in this case this is something that but it is wrong it's somewhat easier because you are not like completely tethered to the algorithm on the business side correct correct yeah but i think it's it's great when you don't when you see something that you believe is wrong you gotta call it out and i think you're right in this case we are less vulnerable so mark's taking the stand and i love seeing yeah so i'm in new york times subscriber and how quickly on that how many other are you seeing other publishers doing that john slade from the financial times was he's in that seat just yesterday and he was caught it i think horrendous dangerous her and his dangerous is good i like that okay all right all right look i mean look a lot of publishers don't want i mean we we sometimes get a little bit of grief for for relying on unnamed sources but there's no way you're going to get people who are going many people who will speak truthfully about facebook when facebook can crush their business like the next day correct you just won't i would rather have honesty than that so i think i think we're heading into i think we're heading into a better era when it comes to all of that do you think there is this the we're con pivots reality a little bit i love that did you come up with that yeah i believe so all right gives them credit pivot to reality nicely done in the media business because i think a lot of different things are happening that are exposing a lot of like lightweight flimsy models in which people didn't really have true brands they didn't have true audiences they rented them trick traffic an audience or not the same thing right from from facebook and a lot of that it appears is starting to get cleaned out yes and i wonder and again i'm not in the day to day with this but i kind of feel like the linchpin was the venture community right so the venture community pulls out and they don't believe in those business models anymore most of those making money so whether they're not making money well they never were making money but there was the probably that that powerpoint slide that showed revenue going up near twenty twentyfive they're going to be making six hundred million in a bunch of profit but i think once that dream went away i think reality check back in to the to reality from to video to pivot to react i love that you know that's what we do here you guys are facing some challenges though to right on the ad business site particularly last quarter it was down up limb and explain what the blip is so so without making any forward looking states we're we're publicly traded company so i.

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