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And then and then they had other hits taj gibson jimmy jimmy butler and that's what you're maybe they rediscovered some of this would allow remarketing now maybe they're getting back to what what was good now there's certainly been some busted but with all all teams there are the tyrus thomas pasta as big of a bust as you can get you take him and then you you trade lamarcus aldridge for tyrus thomas undrafted night i think there's there's a couple of things to be excited about the you're going to get a really good player you should get a really good player at seven you may be able to wheel and deal and get another top fifteen pick if in fact you can take a bad contract maybe you can package a couple of those picks if you get one and move up further been there's a lot to be excited about if you're a bulls fan i asked you at the break again a couple of weeks ago i was a big fan of taking a shot at michael porter jr if he was still there at seven you've had different people say different things between then and now and i was asking you had michael porter jr not gotten hurt because before all of that he was considered to be in very very early the number one pick he was a consensus number one right before the season started thing if he hadn't gotten hurt if you were around the program that a kid played and you know usually get people around those players to sell that you which is understandable but jonathan davonte who is our guide espn has been doing all the mock draft he's been doing all the scouting him kevin schmitz who we're going to try and get onto they do really good work online and they're going to be a part of the espn draft coverage poppy marks kevin schmitz who else there was a third person today that i saw as well but that's neither here nor there let me play you the cut about wendel carter from jonathan cavani from earlier today they're getting an absolute stud on both ends of the court.

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