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Casale Lodo slow. got a celebrate amend the way to we've been Vases. Just. Just tease me. You. What is? Let me demonstrate. Duck duck duck, duck. The. Tech. Don't pay. Mega Yuccas beg that break. I was born in the donkey. Devil. doc you today for monday june twenty fourth goes to fifty nine year old man named ronald eugene griffin listen mid to illnesses a real thing all right some of us have the luxury of healing and dealing with our mental health issues some of us don't i deal with anxiety depression p._t._s._d. but i think god that all i need is some therapy cajun c._b._d. breathing exercises and i can pretty much handle everything else but there's those amongst us who actually need a lot more than all those things all right some people need to be medicated because their reality is simply not all reality and ronald griffin is indeed living in his own reality now it's possible that there is multi versus as well sometimes people come and visit us from other universes meaning that we are on this earth but it's another earth just like it all right in marvel comic books this earth that we know of that we live on that i am currently broadcasting from it's called earth six one six but you have earth ninety two earth nine oh two one nine hundred one four four eight A few different. Charlemagne. Exactly. i was wondering what beck hell i'm talking about well i'm just trying to rationalize what ronald griffin deed this mental illness or he's from another universe and in the universe he's from holly berries house if his house i repeat in the universe ronald griffin is from holly berries houses his house and that's what the hell are you talking about t._m._z. back in january ronald showed up at holly berries house and was messing with two locks howley's gardner pulled up used to be a gardener didn't gardner met clue i was not a garden the garden of pulled up in asked him what the hell he was doing so ronald bounced right couple months later in march ronald came back but this time he came back with a lot smith and said he was the owner of highly berries house and head the deed to prove it not only the large enough to change one of the locks he got the title of the residents changed but when he was confronted by employees who worked at the house ronald called the police and reported the employee's as trespassers i had no idea you could change the title of residencies that's not joe's also had no idea you could change the of house that's not yours wouldn't it be who've locksmiths to do background checks because lacks whether you know it or not if you are changing the locks crib that doesn't belong to the person who hired you then you are sitting in breaking and entering now back to what i was saying about mental illness autumn marvel motives it has to be one of the two in this situation because i don't think ronald was actually trying to commit a crime i just think he truly believed whatever b._s. was going on and his brain the mind is a weird place in the needs just as much maintenance as every other aspect of our human existence for sadly some people like ronald never get the help they deserve now ronald is in jail his bodice thirty six thousand dollars but he doesn't know he's in jail he actually thinks that the b._t. awards have any great right please give ronald eugene griffin this week of the hamiltons Joe?.

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