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To the stage Chester. I'm honored to be here tonight in recognition of Rob, and of course, my good friend Akiva justice ends thrilled to be a part of this. I think he's trying not to wake up his wife and. Wheels. Winokur the key between occur man. Father. Husband. Employees. PODCAST her. Is there anything you can do? The favorite Rene Moment for some is when Akiva laughs hard that he uses but key that we has me a bit worried Syria favor take a deep breath. And then hold it in for about twenty minutes. Keep all these podcasts in the desperate hope that he's not too old to be discovered and I. For one do think he'll be discovered eventually by his wife Shana return from a camping trip the family took without him slumped over his computer. Covered in the remains of two dinners he consumed back to back. She was gone. Akiva broke his foot last year trying to run to catch a bus. Being without a working foot for a couple of weeks must have been difficult for him but it's good preparation for news to diabetes next year. But seriously gave up i. do sincerely believe that one day your success in podcasting will allow you to go far. And I hope you stay there. Wow. Oh that was much better than than some of the other people. Yeah. Okay. Diabetes. Well you're close enough that he can. He can go there. To Diabetes Look. That's your friend. All, right. Fair enough. All right. Let's. Go ahead and here a clip. From Chester this came to us from November second twenty nineteen where we got to hear the music stylings of one Alexander Chester..

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