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On twitter today i thought it was an amazing idea so i feel like i should share it with listeners but joel anderson was asking about like a haircut who's asking about his barbara whether or not he should be offended by something barbara told him and he was like getting the opinions of his followers to be like hey should i leave this barber and find noon or not somebody replied to him here's what i did i signed up for a grinder account on my phone and then i found the guys that i thought had the best looking haircuts and message them to ask them all where they got their haircuts yeah and so that's i think is brilliant idea that's like alex jones smoking the we just to test its potency exactly it's he probably had some explaining to do if his significant other found grind no i just use it because i saw with hot haircuts and wanna talk about good they looked i'm wearing women's lingerie because i was trying to figure out if this was comfortable for your gift for your birth yeah because i was like i'm about fifty percent bigger than you so if i get something that's really tight that really rides up my but probably super hot on all right you got anymore i got a couple i'm just going to i'm going to try and go through and quickly a hot air balloon that goes underwater for people that are scared of heights pet share program a wallet that is also a pocket pussy jury duty for four this one's a little longer but it's to incentivize people who aren't excited about jury duty so you have a strip club in the jury duty waiting room since there's both men and women you have an asexual stripper mo size the i four hundred ninety nine people are entered into a lottery where they win money and they can carry out this lottery while they eat buffet food and the last person there is judged in front of someone but without of jury of their peers so we suddenly remember how important the judicial process is again so instead of a boring day now jury duty as an exciting privilege full of a sexual strippers high emba food a lottery drawing and public trial completely unpredictable hank's face during that with grave also by the way.

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