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Seventeen after a seven. O'clock the reason I asked you that, question. By the way is whether or not she was getting the vibe in DC because she's got her she's got. Her to the rail, much like Jon decker you know that's what they do day, in and day out, what, the, reaction, was in DC in terms of you know what really is. Behind all of this, and when I say cut off the head of the snake you know what I'm, talking about ousting the Iranian president Hassan Ruini key witnesses. In the Paul Manafort trial get immunity deals FOX's Sean lend Jill has the details from, DC five witnesses. Being, granted. Immunity, to testify in the upcoming federal. Trial, of President Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort federal judge Monday releasing the names of. James Brennan Donald dug. In Colorado Brian Cindy LaPorta and Dennis Reiko were all believed to work for financial institutions Manafort. Is facing charges which he's pled not guilty to a Bank in town Fraud related, to. His working Ukraine district. Judge T S Ellis also granted requests money from manafort's lawyers to delay the start of the trial so manafort's legal team can sort through. Thousands of documents the is now delayed until July thirty. First in, Washington Shawn liangelo Fox News after seven o'clock Papa John's board of directors is reportedly trying to keep, us founder from taking over the company the Louisville. Journal courier reports that company leaders are considering a poison pill, to keep John schnatter from retaking the company because he still owns twenty nine percent of that. Company schnatter resigned as board chair of, the. Company that bears his name earlier this month after using a racial slur but more recently has said that he. Has a change of, heart now schnatter said that he used the n. word during, a meeting as a, way, to, emphasize, how much he hates racism so Papa John's board is looking. To keep Papa John, out of the mix we'll see if that is successful Massaging. App Snapchat the,.

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