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And you run it around at a certain way in your time, and that's how you can be measured for your explosiveness and things like that, correct? That's just going to make people understand your direction. It's really great for passwords, because you see the explosiveness. You see the change of direction. And you see the ability to bend kind of when you come around that last cone. So those are pretty important. The characteristics of pass rusher. So yeah, he was great there. Well, I guess if I just got that one out of you, we could kind of mock it in a way. So if that happens, then the Lions would take who, would that open the door for Kyle Hamilton, a safety to go to? Would they need a pass protector for whoever if a golf or whoever they go long term at that position? What would the lines do it too? Would they do? I would say, I would say offensive line would be out rich just because they're in pretty good shape there, especially with penne sewell who they took last year. Right. So I would cross the tackles off the list. You bring up Kyle Hamilton. People are split on that about early to take a safety. Right. I honestly think, and I think cave on thibodeau comes into play there. As an edge rusher and we talked about it during the broadcast, would not shock me at all if Trayvon walker climbed all the way up to the second pick in the draft. I mean, he's just such a, he's a unique player. I mean, you don't see guys with that height weight speed combination with the fluidity that he showed. And the knock on him, people said, oh, you know, kind of had average sac production and you can't take a guy all the way up there. And then all you have to do is point to Jermaine Johnson, who was playing in that same Georgia defense, had four sacks, and then he goes to Florida state because he wanted to actually get on the field consistently. And he leads the ACC and Sachs and has 12 and then he goes and senior will and nobody could block him. So that Georgia defense is we've talked about all week. It was just absolutely stacked and loaded. And I think that that's like a defensive line coach's dream to have that combination of skills that he possesses. So I think he enters the conversation right there at number two, especially if Hutchinson goes one. Daniel Jeremiah here on the rich eisen show. So you just mentioned that Trayvon walker could go as high as two. He was so terrific at the combine and then you mentioned kayvon thibodeau could go there as well. Well, because I discussed yesterday the conversation was coming out of thibodeaux 40 and then nothing else is that he didn't hurt himself, but he also did not help himself, like there's a difference between you hurt yourself the combine, but you also didn't help yourself. How did everything land again after all the dust is now settled with thibodeaux not working out at the combine where into which he arrived with so many questions about his want to motor, desire based on his tape and everything else. Daniel. Yeah, I think that the issue isn't that he didn't do the field workout. I think if he came into the combine and did media and talked with teams and said, hey, here's the plan as a bunch of guys before him and a bunch of guys after him will have said which would be either I'm going to go out here. I'm just going to run the 40. I've been training for the 40. I'm going to run the 40 year and then I want to go do the field workout at Oregon and we've heard guys say it rich, right? I want to try and bring as many scouts as I can to Oregon because then they can get a chance to evaluate my teammates. It's a great opportunity for them. Or even if you didn't say that, they said, hey, this is my plan. I'm going to run the 40 and then I'm going to really hone it on the position drills at the pro day. Okay. Cool. No problem. Been done a million times. Nobody would bat an eye. But when you tell everybody in the media and with the teams that you plan on doing everything and then you get out there and you're on a 40 and then you stop and say, I'm done for the day. It was just kind of weird. And then the explanation. This is explanation would have been, hey, I just want to save everything for my pro day. Okay. I get it. You made a last second decision. No big deal. But when he said, I want to do linebacker drills. Well, yeah, so does Trayvon walker and so did so to all these guys. And they all, you get a chance to do all the linebacker drills due to the D line drills and then you do the linebacker drills. So the explanation was just kind of goofy. And then you kind of add into that just kind of coming into the process, teams kind of have some concerns there. And I mentioned it, just when you watch some of the games, you see them take some place off. Now it's not like he's not a he's not a dog, right? Somebody just doesn't play hard all the time. Oh, there's some plays here or there. And that was just a little bit of a concern. So you come here, you do everything, you put that all the bed and we move on. But he chose not to do that. So in a year where we're a little bit light at that position and probably it wouldn't be a big deal either. But we're so stacked at that position. I think he gave up some room for those guys to leapfrog him. And yet though, you still think it's possible he could go to overall of Hutchinson goes one overall and that's the way that domino is tumble. When all comes down to him? No, I think that's I think that's entirely possible. So I mean, this thing could all come out in the wash and he's the second pick overall and it was much ado about nothing. But I agree with the way you phrased it. It just kind of opened the door a little bit to give those other guys some room to jump in. Or on the other hand, if it's apples to apples as you know a bunch of other evaluators like to say where it's just like, okay, we want to pass rusher and I can go with Trayvon walker of Georgia or kayvon thibodeau of Oregon. This is the measurement or evaluation that could wind up with the bulldog being selected, right? That's the way it goes. If you ask me right now, what are we march 8th? Yes, sir. In my opinion, do I think that walker or thibodaux will go first? I will tell you in my opinion on March 8th is that Trayvon walker will get picked ahead of Q on thibodaux. Okay. All right. The news of the day, Daniel. I don't know if you heard it because it was just a recently announced Aaron Rodgers is staying put in Green Bay four years, $200 million your thoughts on that subject. Wow. Yeah. Well, I haven't seen that. So I guess what happens when you drop the kids off at school, you miss the biggest NFL news of the season here. Well, it's kind of what we originally thought. I think after the season ended and you heard Aaron's positivity towards everyone in the organization both downstairs and upstairs that it looked like it was headed towards that and then I think there's that delay. So we sat there and entertained the idea of maybe this could this could happen if you go somewhere else, but we were sitting up there in the booth talking about this rich and just I couldn't imagine.

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