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Fox News on the Liam move. Parts of the Gulf Coast being pummeled is hurricane tally lumbers inland after making landfall near Gulf Shores, Alabama Pensacola, Florida appears to be one of the worst hit city suffering very badly right now, from flooding emergency services to some extent, can't even get in there right now, to survey the extent of it and help people. Who did not evacuate boxes. Jonathan Hunt in Mobile, Alabama, the mayor of New York City, Bill DiBlasio, furloughs himself and everyone else in his office for a week starting October to close a pandemic linked budget gap. Meanwhile, visitors for more states allowed to move freely in the area taken off the quarantine list for travelers headed to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Ezer, California, Hawaii, Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada and Ohio boxes. Tanya J. Powers, America's Listeningto Fox News for the Mas Nissan Traffic Center still have a railroad gate malfunction on Park Boulevard near 50, a treat also had a crash on Fifth Avenue north of 34 Street. Record drew in an arc tourists in Tampa. There's an accident on Himes at Dr King Jr Boulevard. This report is sponsored by Compassion International World Feeling the weight of covert 19. But for kids in poverty around the world, things are becoming desperate. Joined compassion International Provide for a family in poverty. Make your one time $40 gift text Hope. 283393 days. Yeah, should radio Hurricane Sally continues to move to our Northwest after making landfall this morning in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Still some tropical moisture in its wake, though, keeps our rain chances elevated over the next few days. 50% rain chance for Wednesday afternoon high temps in the, uh Paredes. Night. Temperatures drop back into the upper seventies and then through the rest of the week about a 40% chance for afternoon showers and thunderstorms. High temperatures hovering in the operating upper eighties forecast models, though hinting at the possibility of some drier air middle of next week. I'm Max to venerate meteorologist. Ian Oliver Pascoe News radio. Tell you F L a 99.1 FM I don't know. I guess it was about Eight o'clock, 8 30, I forget what my.

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