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As police followed him. They say he was on a mission for his next victim, San Joaquin county, DA Tory verbal Salazar. You don't come to our House and bring this kind of rain of terror. And the suspect's reign of terror in our community has come to an end. That's a DA electron freitas. As the incoming district attorney, I look forward to prosecuting him to the fullest extent of the law. Police say some victims were homeless not all. None were beaten or robbed, the woman who survived said her attacker didn't say anything. I'm Julie Walker. Ukraine's capital Kyiv is reeling from a Russian barrage of suicide drones packed with explosives, at least three people were killed. The new UK treasury chief, Jeremy hunt, reversed most of an economic package announced by the government just weeks ago, including a planned cut in income taxes. The nation's first trial over a state's ban on gender confirming care for children begins in Arkansas, a district judge will hear testimony on evidence over the law he blocked, prohibiting such care for anyone under 18 years old. This is 18 news. G has unveiled its first fully electric vehicle at the Paris motor show. This is a very special moment for the Jeep brand. Jeep is promising an all electric SUV with a range of 248 miles. The Jeep avenger for my E concept. GEO Christian monier says the company will be putting more electric vehicles on the road. By 2025, we'll have four zero emission vehicles in Europe. And by 2030, 100% of Jeep brand sales in Europe are expected to be fully electric, supporting the

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