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So at this point the fans are going while because they from the second the christmas brought up the military thing it really just took off on twitter on and on on reddit and all of these places where it's like this is this is too far this is ridiculous and by the time this big blow up happens every one is just really out on paul there was a big reddit thread of like alumni twitter responses to paul basically everyone is dislike paul has gone too far down down on paul up on justin cody they are they have officially become the underdogs for sure i really just bad look for paul and it got so bad that we even got a bullhorn over the wall odd the bull horns saying america loves jess paul is a bully and unfortunately justin cody do not hear this message they speculate but it was positive for them but just as like well they've been bad too so we can actually now clear let me give us just a wet start but paul does know what it says and really it shook paul to his score a bit yes first of all i i hesitate to say that i like to this but i liked it we will whoever adjustable horn thing i mean i'm not going to advocate for you but it was just about every once in a while i guess we need something like that end i will give you a little bit of advice like if you're going to do this mixture use words that have like vows in them like i feel like whoever did this should have said america loves jessen cody i feel like that would have like carried really well the word chace does not carry very well and she couldn't understand what was being said so if you do it again don't screw it up anyway like i said the house knows that there is not a good look for them obviously the people were called in to vdr there is a little bit of fish happening and they were told to shut it down i think josh correctly realizes that production is saving them from themselves at this point because it's not a good look and it starts to dawn on the ten people on that side of the house that.

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