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For the fourday accu weather the forecast with meteorologist elliot abrams breezy today thickening cloudiness increasingly damp this morning's grisly on occasion this afternoon the high about fifty one temperatures in the fifties this evening with rain than robbie back to forty nine for the low while little rain first thing and then clearing the temperature may go back up to fifty one of the morning than follow the afternoon thursday should be a sunny day seasonably chilly high forty five friday some sun giving way to clouds high forty than depending on their offshore storm we could get some snow rain on saturday i'm accuweather meteorologist elliot abrams wbz news radio 1030 curley thirty nine grease under mostly cloudy skies in boston on this tuesday morning a search off nantucket continues for two missing fishermen here's coast guard petty officer andrew burri seek yesterday around our go after six p m our command center in boston now received their distress call it were there sixty nine foot fishing vessel out of new bedford at four people aboard uh two of those those crew members were rescued by its merit and that was uh in the area another fishing vessel a fishing vessel enterprise pick them up rescue teams have been searching for the two missing men throughout the night once the sun rises a helicopter will aid in that ongoing search a major crash in randolph overnight involving a state trooper where the trooper had to be rushed to the hospital no word yet on the condition of the trooper it happened on route one 28 north at route 28 the hollywood shut down for a time overnight and investigators remained at the scene for several hours while he was the first independent presidential candidate of the modern era to make a difference cbs' gary nunn has more on the life of john anderson the year nineteen eighty john anderson a moderate republican congressman from illinois had lost the gop primary to ronald reagan so he chose to run in the general election as an independent i had my own set of issues such as how to deal with the ongoing energy crisis we are going to have to resort to ban holing to carpooling were but getting on fifty one ballots was not easy and the incumbent jimmy carter refused to debate him fearing that a vote for anderson was a vote lost to carter in the.

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