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25 eastbound inter loop at Buford Highway exit 32 in the left lane and checking out some trouble over in Cobb, 75 north bound before Windy Hill. OD'd on Veronica around 95.5. This W speak me Ronson's current Mellish checking on that return of rain find my forecast any time on the WSB radio ad. Nothing drop on your get out of here. By your own worried about what Vladimir Putin is doing. Tio change people's minds and mess with the election. Just look question. I will leave it out there. Maybe pick it up tomorrow Who decides what trends on Twitter? Who makes that decision. I must. Mostly, that's just that's just computers. There's no Good question. We're worried about Vladimir Putin. And his disinformation just a question, not an accusation. Who decides What trends on Twitter. Before we get to this. We have a great female that came in. But while we were talking about LeBron, you know there's this weird thing and I don't know. Maybe it is legal, but it certainly is on the line. So Mike Bloomberg. And LeBron James and I guess others Are offering to pay any fines or penalties that felons have in the state of Florida Swing state. So that they could vote. So, the state of Florida said felons can't vote. And then the governor. The current governor said. Okay, wait a minute. We're gonna pass a law that says before you convulse, you have to pay everything. All restitution. Everything around your felony, which seems reasonable. You're not really in the free and clear until you've paid back. Your debt to society. Now, Mike Bloomberg and also LeBron James Group are getting in touch with people. Do you know anyone who's a felon that has any sort of fines or anything will pay for them. There's a very good question right now. Is that buying a vote? You're not allowed to buy votes. Now we know LeBron LeBron James has not said I don't care who wins the election. He very much has a vested interest. He wants Joe Biden to win. That's great. I've looked at it, and I think they may have found a loophole. But you're not allowed to give anything of value. For a vote. If I so if I step in, and I say, Well, I'm going to take this off your shoulders. You'll never have to pay all of this money. You're in the free and clear. Is that something of value? But I think the loophole probably is Well, LeBron doesn't go into the voting with whether you can still vote for Trump. You know, And surely Maybe some of these felons, you know, would take advantage of it, You know? Ah, percentage wise. I think it's going to be overwhelmingly. Biden. And some people could take the money and then not vote. You just don't know And I think that there might be a loophole in there, but it's a loophole. If it's legal, it's about as close to buying votes as you, Khun get. That doesn't mean it's illegal. It doesn't mean it's buying votes. But if it's legal It's about as close to buying votes as you can get. Your representative Matt Gates from Florida talked about that night and he said they're going start investigation into it if you want to hear him Eyes. They should start an investigation. It is a mad gate. I don't know. I don't find it to be But if he's told to just go get your Fox News show is positioning himself for that. He's a goofball uses. Everything is like he's like Charles Schumer. You know, before Schumer was the The head of the Senate. He was in the house for a long time, and they used to say the most dangerous place in D. C is between Chuck Schumer and a camera that was long before he was national. That's how Gates gets himself in the news constantly, but a stopped clock is right twice a day. So maybe I agree with him on this, but I think that they may have found a loophole, but it's this close to buying votes. As you can get. Now, let's make sure we Don't go away without this great email that we got. Yeah, this comes from Stan. And he says, Hey, Eric just wanted to say thank you for giving me something to look forward to each weekday. I've been isolated for 200 plus days now still cutting my own hair, staying home and away from people. It's been difficult and admittedly depressing at times as I'm retired and live alone. The days have been long in mundane. So your show has added a bright spots my life and I look forward to listening daily. You guys do such a great job. Thank you all so much for keeping me company, Stan. That is awesome. That is awesome, because that's how I think of not just this show. I don't understand why LeBron thinks he has to be more than an athlete. I understand why Elissa Milano boy we didn't get to that would make sure we get into that one tomorrow. Wow, I don't understand why people who are in the entertainment industry. Do not recognize that there is value in what they D'oh. You don't have to save every whale. You're doing your part being entertained does help people. It's helped me in my life music. Movies, books. Radio shows. It's helped me in my life. Get over slight. I've never been clinically depressed, but we all over down days. All these entertainers think that they have to.

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