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We want to know. H. Screw it. Well, that's what you do down there. Okay. Big three stories this morning. We got about five of them. But our big three happy new year. Everybody the gang is all back together. We are looking forward to a great new year her on the big show in the morning. Also in the big three president meeting with congressional leaders today. Can they opened the government? Can they solve the wall issue? We have Long Island congressman Peter King. Joining us after the news at eight o'clock for some some real answers because he knows what he's talking about as opposed to some of the people working here and rounding out the big three. No styrofoam in the city. No cigarettes in pharmacies changing all the laws. I love this. No styrofoam no cigarettes, but you can get high and smoke pot on the Cyprus. There you go. That's the did you see Bill Bratton, our friend. He came out swinging against the new laws on if your Email. We'll try to get he says, it's it's the road to ruin also in the big stories. We got a mega winner on long. I bought my ticket on Long Island. You did. And I was in Glen had yesterday. And that's where the winner was. So anyway, four hundred and twenty five million dollars jackpot while I'm Alice Stockton Roseanne on the scene. If you're looking for a good start to the stock market for the new year. Forget it the Dow futures look like a bloodbath. Start all over down three hundred sixty eight at last check, what is causing this is this really this possible trade war with China. I don't know. But I just think the president made a mistake by taking credit for the market going up because in very little market was going to go down. So if you're gonna take credit for going. You gotta take blame for going deli. Did tell everybody to calm down not worry about it. Well, good..

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