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Smith eight year deal for ninety seven million just to let you know that looks so small to these other guys swindled by Jerry Jones, got them is down and look, hey, Tyrone Jerry, Jerry Jones or on do favor. Man. We're gonna get to that. I know. I'm just well, he did do favor. I'm not trying to. Subject areas. Just Jerry some other contract stuff. Peter King in his article in the new NBC website in football, worrying America morning into states. Due to. He agreed with Olaf go here today. He said, I think this Erin Donal holdout could last into September easily. Yes, he wrote easily. Right. Indaba sue came out and said that Aaron, Donald is deserves a lot more money than he got that good team great team team and who's been paid. So he can appreciate where Donald it'd be real real about it and secure in his own self. He's better than me at this point of his career, he deserves to be paid that there's two things that I think the play into this factor. Right? First of all, Erin, Donald in this kind of conversation, right? You both? We both agree if he signed to be the richest defensive player in history. We'd have no problem since, but that's a big landmark to make and to be asking to be paid. The highest paid defensive player in football teams are. They're like, oh, you're awesome. But man, we're actually gonna have that next to your name, the richest defensive player in football. The other thing I think they can slow down progressions. There is Dan, they got some motherfuckers on that defense and they're not going to be that desperate for anybody because they're going to just look at their team. What we got some balls out here, not like totally demolished. Also when you're a defensive tackle, it's not like Sam darnold who. Just got a new contract or you to learn the offense air, not on those what he needs to do. Aaron, Donald will stay in shape. If Aaron Donald gets cleared two days before the season, I think it's fine. Yeah, they rather, he's there of course, but him and Khalil Mack. I think Aaron Donald more than Khalil Mack. It's an easier transition Khalil Mack just because it's a new defensive coordinator, Aaron, Donald with Wade Phillips. He knows his responsibility. You're exactly right. There's there's no worrying there from the front office. They're not like always gonna. Remember, Wade's call when we call the three four defense next year and call the Sam Mike blitz. He's still gonna remember, that's fine. You right? Cool. MAC, there is more there. There's the unknown. He has no relationships with these coaches yet. They'd like to get that all started. They're trying to set a new culture in Oakland with him. I do think that deal gets done for the opposite reason. We're just saying the Rams I, I don't think Khalil could ask to be the highest paid player in NFL history. He doesn't. Where up there with it, don't get me wrong. But if they don't have Khalil Mack, that's exactly raiders t- fence, right left go. That's the point where they're going to just go. Men were an average defense to begin with. Now you're not gonna get Khalil Mack. Our best player out there are best player on our team period out there. That's where I think it gets done at some point and our other man crush the Texans. Are gonna let you Devin cloudy play out his current deal. Yeah, I want clowney to have fifteen. The fact that I still see people that don't give clowney the respect that he deserves. He is not only in the conversation with Mackin Donald. I could argue that he's better than MAC and Donald in certain parts of the game. I certainly rag dolls people more than those guys. Yeah, I would say there with MAC, he is he's more disruptive, I think, than MAC is on a play to play basis, not as gifted as a pass rusher, you know, but you're right. And he's like, if a Livia Vernon was also yet truth let it for. Yeah, just like yeah, quicker longer. All of that. Jedang Connie is a special specimen and left go, you're right. And we try to straighten people out here. He's one of the best defensive players in the sport and two years ago, I would argue he deserves the NFL defense MVP and I know in that year, healing six and a half or seven sex, that doesn't mean crap. That's the year they went to New England, right?.

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