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ABC news. You probably want to eat healthy, but getting enough organic fruits and vegetables into your diet every day is not only time consuming. It's expensive. That's why at Texas SuperFood. We've created a blend of the best USDA organic vine-ripened fruits and vegetables, powerful enzymes in probiotics and energizing herbs all in a convenient capsule or powder. We call it Texas SuperFood complete organic. Hi, I'm naturopathic doctor Dennis black. And I invented Texas SuperFood almost twenty years ago with one goal in mind to help people like you who lead busy lives. Get the all natural nutrition that every one of us needs and deserves. So if you can't won't you don't eat all your Ganic fruits and vegetables every day. Texassuperfood complete organic makes eating healthy easy CR full line of quality, nutritional products at Texas SuperFood dot com or call us at eight five, five, Texas, fifty five that's eight five five Texas, fifty five Texas SuperFood dot com. Reaction coming into the steps taken by American Catholic bishops on how to deal with clergy sex abuse. Here's ABC, Sherry Preston. Jason berry, who's written extensively about the pre sex abuse scandal says the move this week in Baltimore shows the bishops are in deep mode of self-protection the bishops did approve new steps to deal more strongly with clergy misconduct, including setting up a hotline for people to call or write in with concerns. It'll be run by an outside entity. But once bishops are informed of the allegations. There's no specific procedure in place for informing law enforcement, and that critics say is just a continuation of leading the church police itself. Sherry Preston, ABC news. Injuries runaway golf cart at a major golf tournaments, as ABC's Chuck Sivertsen, a golf cart used by.

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